New LoL bug can unlock 900-damage Smite in just 6 minutes

By Christian Vejvad


May 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Smite received a big change in the most recent League of Legends patch 11.10 and a game-breaking bug hitched a ride with it. 

A recent YouTube video showed how players can gain access to the 900-damage Smite after just six minutes using the Unsealed Spellbook keystone. In the recent patch Riot changed Smite to deal flat damage, starting at 450 before increasing to 900 after completing the Smite quest. The fastest time to complete this quest will usually be after around nine minutes, but this new bug makes it possible much earlier. 

Alongside the damage change to Smite, the damage increase can be unlocked through swapping summoner spells twice with Unsealed Spellbook. This change isn’t quite working as intended, as the Smite quest completes after just one summoner spell swap.  

To unlock the first summoner spell swap with Unsealed Spellbook, only six minutes have to pass in a game. This means that junglers can now potentially gain access to the 900-damage Smite after just six minutes. This is clearly a game-breaking bug and will likely be hotfixed before long but until then, players using this bug will gain a big advantage. 

Not only will this help clear the jungle much faster, but a Smite with 900 damage will also make it possible to secure every objective possible without the enemy stealing it. It will also be a big help at securing the first Dragon, which will in some cases be contested right around the six-minute mark. If not, a big Smite will likely enable most junglers to take the Dragon and automatically gain an early-game advantage for the team. 

The bug has been around several days now, but it’s expected that Riot will fix the Unsealed Spellbook bug in the near future.  


What is Smite in LoL?

Smite is a summoner spell in League of Legends used by junglers. Smite is a point-and-click spell that deals true damage to neutral monsters and minions. It’s mostly used to clear jungle camps and secure major objectives.

Can Smite be used on champions in LoL?

Both Chilling and Challenging Smite can be used on enemy champions. Chilling Smite deals a small amount of true damage and steal 20% of the champion’s movement speed. Challenging Smite is the more aggressive of the two and deals true damage over three seconds and increase damage dealt to the target.


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