New lineup shows that Sova can still dominate on Split

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sova is a jack of all trades, but his abilities aren’t especially well-suited to Valorant’s smaller maps. Some new lineups prove that the initiator can still be viable on Split, at the very least. 

Sova is one the hardest agents to master in Valorant, but his pick rate remains sky-high despite the learning curve. The initiator has become the top pick of both casual Valorant players and professionals on almost all maps. However, his abilities lack impact on locations with low ceilings, enclosed areas, and a focus on close-quarters combat. Sova rarely comes into play on Split due to the map’s interior setting and chokepoints, which hurts his viability due to his preference for more open areas. 

Some new lineups on Split’s attacker and defender sides prove that Sova may not have a weakness on enclosed maps at all. 

First, this defender-side arrow scans A lobby to help players figure out their strategy early in a round. For this lineup, attach yourself to the corner of A tower and aim at the crown, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Activate one bounce and charge double bar to shoot the arrow. The bolt will attach on top of the sewer’s entrance, revealing enemies gearing up to push inside A. This arrow works wonders for defenders and delivers every time since it’s fairly tricky to destroy as attackers are usually huddled further in the lobby. 

The attacker side lineup works best in hard push situations when you don’t have a proper controller to block out towers and ramp. This arrow will expose any defenders scouting the window area, granting crucial intel for the perfect push. 

Stand behind this block on A main and place your crosshair at the edge of the house.

Blog post image

Crouch and activate double bounce to load up two charges. The bolt will stick to the tower, scanning everyone around the A window and ramp. Attackers can also use this lineup in retake situations to clear out extra angles when the enemy has the man advantage. 

How many agents does Valorant have? 

Riot’s tactical shooter was initially released with10 agents distributed in four categories: Initiators, Sentinels, Controllers, and Duelists. Reyna, Skye, Killjoy, Yoru, and Astra were later added to complete bring the roster to 15 a year after Valorant’s release. New agents are likely to arrive every few months for the foreseeable future.


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