New K/DA Song announced for Worlds with Seraphine

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Riot Games has announced that K/DA, the League of Legends K-pop group, will debut a new song on stage for the 2020 World Championship. In the Worlds 2020 Media Preview, Riot said that the group will perform the new song with its latest collaborator, Seraphine.

Who is Seraphine?

Seraphine is K/DA’s newest collaborator and is rumored to be the next champion in the League of Legends roster. The new Riot Games character has Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud accounts with photos and posts supposedly from Seraphine herself. Her SoundCloud also has two songs available for listening, a cover of “Childhood Dreams” by ARY and a cover of “POP/STARS” by K/DA.

The rumored champion was discovered by the K-pop group on September 4, and it was announced that Seraphine would be helping the group with its next album and appear in a new song. Since then, the social media accounts purpotedly run by Seraphine have been posting pictures and thoughts on a recently discovered artist with appearances from the other members of K/DA.

When will the new K/DA song release?

There was no hard date given for the release of the new single, but with Worlds 2020 soon ramping up, fans should expect the track to drop sometime before the Finals on October 31. Riot has also said that it is considering allowing a certain number of fans attend the event live, so a live performance at the finals could also be in the cards for the group. This would be similar to the 2018 World Championship opening ceremony. That performance was a mix of live performers and holographic projections of members of the group.

This new song would be the third released of the six promised earlier this year after Riot announced its new collaboration with Universal Music Publishing Group to workshop music for the 2020 World Championship.