Netflix gives sneak peek at League of Legends animated series Arcane

Christian Vejvad • June 11, 2021 5:22 pm

Fans waiting in excitement for the Netflix League of Legends animated series Arcane just got an extended sneak peek to prepare for what is to come. 

The two-minute-long clip showcased Jinx and Vi, confirming that the two will be the main characters of the series. As two popular champions in the game with a lot of lore, it’s no surprise that the two sisters and their story are getting attention. The short clip seems to show Jinx in the past, trying to beat a record on a boxing arcade game. In the clip, Jinx shows more emotion than her usual manic behavior which sets the scene for the whole series and the sister’s origin story.   

As Jinx activates the boxing game in the clip, different flashbacks are shown. These flashbacks show short clips of Vi and Jinx as young and give the first real look at the sister’s past. The clip also has Vi fight side-by-side with Jinx in the boxing game, with the flashback overlapping and empowering the fact that Jinx is trying to beat her sister while getting out all of her emotions.  

Even though the clip is only two minutes, it shows a lot of what’s to come in the series. From the looks of it, there will be a lot of background stories to Jinx and Vi that will likely take the viewer through big parts of their lives. It also seems that the show will reveal how and why Jinx ended up as the manic character that she is portrayed as in League of Legends. 

With the recent clip in mind, it’s still looking very promising for Arcane. So far, everything released from Arcana seems to be of high quality and might even set new standards for video-game-related series. If Arcane becomes a hit, there are good chances that it won’t be the only animated League of Legends series to be created. 


When will Arcane be released on Netflix? 

Despite a longer clip of Arcane, there’s still no official release date for the animated series. For now, it’s set to arrive at some point in fall 2021 which means that the wait is almost over. With this clip being revealed, fans can likely expect more sneak peeks in the upcoming months. 

When the series finally drops on Netflix, it’s expected that all episodes will be released at once as Netflix usually does it. 


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