Naafiri gameplay revealed in new trailer

By Nicholas James


Jun 22, 2023

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The new jungle champion Naafiri has had her gameplay revealed in a new trailer. Here’s everything we can deduce from the latest debut.

Naafiri is the new Darkin assassin jungler, and she was revealed yesterday. She takes the form of a Shuriman desert hound with great blades protruding from her shoulders. The cinematic that revealed Naafiri’s origin but didn’t show anything about her gameplay, so a new preview aims to fix that. The latest trailer shows Naafiri stalking Summoner’s Rift and hunting her prey.

First look at Naafiri’s abilities

The Naafiri gameplay trailer dropped the same day as her animated cinematic. In it, fans get their first glimpses of her abilities. Here are all the ability details we gleaned from watching the trailer.

First, Naafiri is accompanied by what appears to be one to three Shuriman hounds that move and attack with her. It’s unclear how Naafiri acquires hounds, but it could very likely be a scaling mechanic.

The first ability we see is Naafiri striking an enemy and then tethering herself to them with a line of Darkin magic. After a delay, she flies forwards and becomes a cloud of magic, damaging the enemies. After she lands, she sends out a wave of metal blades in front of herself. This could be one ability or two, and the teaser doesn’t specify. The next ability is that same dash, except it follows an Akshan along the trajectory of his swing. Clearly, this dash can follow enemies, similar to a Warwick Q.

The next unique ability we see is Naafiri front flipping over terrain to follow an Evelynn. The wave of blades shows up multiple times throughout the next few segments, making it likely to be Naafiri’s main damaging ability. Finally, we have what can be assumed to be her ultimate. Naafiri howls, summoning a huge number of additional hounds. In the clip she then channels the dash and all of her hounds leap with her, doing massive burst damage to her enemies.

That’s all we can tell from Naafiri’s abilities so far, but we expect to learn her exact abilities in the next few days.


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