Modder reveals every Elden Ring character’s real face

By Steven Rondina


Mar 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Elden Ring has a character-driven story, but what do the faces of Gideon Ofnir, Fia, and Varre look like under their helmet, hood, and white mask? Fans can now see the real face of every Elden Ring character.

Dark Souls data miner, modder, and YouTuber Zullie the Witch worked their magic on Elden Ring and discovered the answer. While some FromSoftware games have used a generic face for multiple NPCs that have headpieces that obscure their appearance, Elden Ring’s major and even many minor NPCs all have unique faces.

Worth noting is that every face is imitable within the Elden Ring character creation tools, meaning players don’t actually have to continue on with the strangely proportioned character they’ve created in the game. Though Elden Ring players might assume that characters’ faces are all created by an actual artist, this shows that players only have themselves to blame when their Tarnished comes out looking weird each time.

Some of these reveals are surprising, though not necessarily lore-shattering. Tanith, the head of Volcano Manor, looks remarkably young. Somehow even younger than her adopted daughter. This is particularly strange given the fact that Tanith is implied to be a very old character, having met “long ago” before his transformation into a massive serpent monster.

This isn’t the designers being unwilling to portray older characters, either. Gideon Ofnir and Preceptor Seluvis are both shown to be older men behind their headpieces, so it’s definitely odd that Tanith is so young.

There are some actually intriguing revelations lore-wise beyond this, however.

There seems to be some Elden Ring lore behind Varre’s white mask and Hyetta’s appearance

Varre’s white mask makes him one of the most recognizable NPCs in Elden Ring, there’s something notable beneath his mask. Varre and several other NPC invaders all have the same face tattoo. These other NPCs are all labeled as “Bloody Finger.” 

It’s safe to assume that they’re working together with Varre and the other “White Mask” NPCs. Given that the tattoo looks like Mohg’s trident, it seems as though Mohg might have a very large network of followers doing his bidding.

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Another notable bit is the fact that Hyetta and Irina are identical every way. They share the same face and clothes, which is particularly notable given the fact that Hyetta won’t appear in Liurnia until completing the Castle Morne quest for Irina. When Irina’s father, Edgar, appears as an invader in Liurnia he drops a Shabriri Grape.

It’s uncertain how these characters are connected, but sharing the same face all but guarantees that there’s something deeper there.