Misfits ruins perfect season for G2 Esports in LEC Spring Split

By Melany Moncada


Feb 15, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

G2 Esports is no longer undefeated in the 2020 LEC Spring season, as the team fell against a Misfits squad that keeps climbing in the standings.

The 18-0 dream is over for G2. Misfits broke G2’s winning streak and secured themselves a tie for second place. After a disastrous 2019, Misfits has recovered with help from a new coaching staff and a new roster. The team is now a combination of rookies and veteran players that are slowly but surely taking over the LEC.

Misfits is the first team in the league to punish G2’s mistakes. The World Championship finalist is having a good season, but it’s not as flawless as they expected. Misfits took full advantage of those mistakes in the series.

G2 debuts Sona in the top lane

Martin “Wunder” Hansen did well on his promise to play Sona in the top lane. This might be the last chance he gets to do it because Sona top lane will be nerfed in patch 10.4.

Misfits responded with some iconic picks of their own like Ekko for jungler Iván “Razork” Díaz and Azir for Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten.

The approach to the game on Misfits’ side was different. It was almost like Razork was playing a solo queue game, trusting his instincts instead of following a script. Razork’s early aggressive presence on the map gave the Misfits bottom lane duo extra support in the early game. With that injection of gold, the duo felt comfortable enough to play more aggressively and target Rasmus “Caps” Winther.

Caps had his worst game of the season so far. The mid laner turned AD carry fell for traps repeatedly and died constantly. Being targeted in that way set him behind and there was nothing he could do to get back in the game.

Everywhere on the map, Misfits found opportunities to make things happen and punish G2. Misfits was on the driver’s seat at all times and kept pushing the tempo of the game. Misfits didn’t slow down and played like it was the most important game of their lives.

At 29 minutes, Misfits claimed its fifth victory of the season, breaking G2’s winning streak.