Master Yi and Samira have the highest chance of a pentakill in LoL

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot recently gave an interesting look into pentakill statistics in League of Legends but the results aren’t exactly surprising. 

In the most recent Ask Riot, insights analyst KyrieFH gave information about the champions with the most pentakills on the very recent patch 11.11. The champion with the most pentakills on the patch is Samira, who is known for pulling off incredible combos that can melt a team in seconds. Right behind her is a classic pentakill champion Master Yi, who has harvested pentakills long before Samira was even on the drawing board. 

Samira and Master Yi leads LoL in pentakills

With Samira and Master Yi giving players the highest chance for a pentakill in solo queue, the list heavily favored the attack damage champions. In third place is Katarina, who is known for her resets just like Master Yi. Weighing in popularity of the champions, the top three is still the same but proves to be very close. 

According to KyrieFH, Samira gets 0.018 pentakills per game with Master Yi coming in at the exact same number. A pentakill for Katarina is a bit more rare but still close with 0.015 pentakills per game in solo queue on patch 11.11. 

With the top-three champions being powerful reset champions, it’s pretty clear what the most optimal way to highlight play is. Ever since the early days of LoL, Master Yi and Katarina have been some of the champions to make the most highlight plays. With Samira being released recently, the old champions will have to step back and make room for a new explosive queen. 

Soraka, Braum, Rell, and Taric with no pentakill on 11.11

Looking at the complete other end of the list are enchanter and tank support. As to no players’ surprise, these champions are not swimming in pentakills on Summoner’s Rift. In fact, none of them got a single pentakill on patch 11.11 in ranked play. The lack of pentakills is due to their role as a support and overall kit that lacks damage. It has been seen before that a support gets a pentakill, but it’s a very rare sight. 

In ARAM, every champion managed to get a pentakill as the gameplay is usually way more intense and action-packed. In ARAM, Master Yi beats Samira in pentakills with a whopping 0.082 pentakills per game while Samira gets 0.071 and Katarina 0.054.  


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