Marvel Snap card game platforms, release date, and more

By Kenneth Williams


May 20, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Marvel Snap is a new card game featuring famous names and faces from the Marvel superhero universe. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

With the success of the cinematic universe and the recent resurgence in comics, Marvel is making the most of its iconic characters with a new kind of competitive game. Marvel Snap is an upcoming card battler game from developre Second Dinner featuring a ton of heroes and villains from the company’s many creative properties. Here’s everything you need to know about the Marvel Snap announcement, from the game’s unique mechanics to its intended release platforms.

What kind of game is Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap is a constructed card game where two players design decks of 12 superheroes to fight over three objectives. Each hero has a unique ability and stats that affects the board state. Successful players can earn cosmic cubes, which function as the game’s points. If a player is feeling especially confident, they can perform the titular Snap, which doubles the rewards for the round.

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The ultimate goal is to control two of the three contested locations which each have a unique trait or modifier. While turns in other card games can take several minutes each, Marvel Snap prioritizes speed above all else. Matches last only around three minutes with both players putting down cards simultaneously. The speed of games also makes it easy to both grind or to just enjoy it for a few quick matches.

What is the release date for Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap does not yet have an official release date, but the game should launch before the end of 2022. Second Dinner currently has sign-ups open for a closed beta test that is set to happen soon. Interested players can visit the official Marvel Snap website to learn more about the beta test.

When Marvel Snap is released on mobile devices, Second Dinner will then host a beta test for Marvel Snap on PC. Players will be able to test out the game for free before a final release date. Details were not given on the dates for these beta periods, but new details should be announced as the game draws closer to launch.

What platforms will Marvel Snap release on?

Marvel Snap intends to release on the following platforms.

  • Android Google Play Store
  • iOS App Store
  • PC

Marvel Snap is primarily designed for mobile platforms like phones and tablets, but the developer intends to port the game to PC shortly after its mobile release. In the first gameplay look, Second Dinner announced plans to host a PC beta test. If the game is successful on mobile and PC, it’s possible that Marvel Snap could come to home consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch as well.

What is monetization like in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap will be free-to-play with cosmetic-based monetization. Exact numbers on card packs and rarities were not specified, but one developer confidently stated that the average player will be able to get every single Marvel Snap card in the game without paying for any of them through regular play. As for cosmetics in Marvel Snap, those will likely remain locked behind monetization.

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In addition to opening new Marvel Snap cards, players can also open alternate art variants through monetization. The game plans to launch with at least 150 cards to collect with an unspecified number of visual variants. Instead of the normal set-based expansion system, Marvel Snap will regularly release new cards on a monthly basis.


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