Luna Snow

Marvel Rivals: Is Luna Snow a real Marvel character?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 29, 2024

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Marvel Rivals’ roster is studded with familiar names, but a few may be new to those who haven’t closely kept in touch with the canon media. One of those newer names is Luna Snow.

On March 27, NetEase and Marvel unveiled a hot new PvP shooter called Marvel Rivals. While the teaser looked quite similar to Overwatch, it stood out for its star-studded cast of superheroes. From Spider-Man to Groot, a significant portion of the Marvel Universe can be spotted in the trailer.

For those who are new to the Marvel Universe or aren’t caught up on the newer superheroes, some characters may be unfamiliar. Luna Snow can be spotted skating on magical ice towards the ledge to support a teammate. But who is she?

Who is Luna Snow in Marvel Rivals?

Luna Snow’s real name is Seol Hee. She is a K-pop star who can produce ice for both healing and destruction.

With her grey and purple hair and fast fashion, it’s pretty easy to tell that Luna Snow is a new addition to the Marvel Universe — at least compared to other heroes in the Marvel Rivals. Luna Snow is a real Marvel character who debuted as a playable character in Marvel Future Fight in 2015.

But the official Marvel War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 comic book series provided a deeper insight into her story in 2019.

The Korean singer can manipulate ice and destroy her enemies. In the trailer, Luna is portrayed as a supporting character who is agile and can summon sharp ice blades that deal light damage. But, paired with the likes of Namor, Luna becomes unstoppable.

What happened to Luna Snow?

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While not directly affiliated with Iron Man, Luna Snow found her way to the Marvel Universe at a Stark Industries event where she was performing. When an organization known as A.I.M. attacked the event, Luna attempted to defend the attendees, resulting in A.I.M. soldiers locking her in a freezer. This is where she was exposed to an advanced cold-fusion energy experiment, earning her power to manipulate ice.

Luna is a powerful hero in the Marvel Universe and would likely become a viable character in the Marvel Rivals game as well. Her healing powers could be highly useful in combat situations.



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