Man accused of killing Brazilian voice actress for Sivir, Mercy

Steven Rondina • August 14, 19:54

A prolific Brazilian voice actress is dead and a man is reportedly in custody for her murder.

According to Globo, voice actress Christiane Louise was found dead on July 22. She was 49 years old. Three weeks later, Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa was reportedly arrested for his alleged involvement in Louise’s death. Police state that Paulo has confessed to killing Louise, but contends that he was acting in self defense. Police officials have disputed the self-defense claim. 

According to Globo, Louise and Paulo knew each other prior to her death. It is believed that Louise was in an apartment with Paulo at the time of her passing. Police say that Paulo confessed to killing her using broken glass, cutting her leg and neck. Louise’s body was found wrapped in plastic bags and sheets in an isolated area.

Police are also claiming that Paulo had help in committing the crime, saying that Paulo’s mother Eliane Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa played a role in the murder. She is not currently in custody, but belongings of the deceased were found in her apartment. Police also believe another individual played a role in Louise’s death, but no further details were given on who that might be or what role they may have played. 

Police believe the motive behind the alleged murder was to inherit some of Louise’s property.

Who is Christiane Louise?

Louise lent her voice to a long list of characters during her career, working in video games, cartoons, and Portuguese dubs for English-language series. Her most prominent roles in video games were voicing Cortana in Halo 3 and Halo 4, Mercy in Overwatch, and Sivir in League of Legends.

Alongside her voice acting work in games, she also worked on the Portuguese dubs of The Simpsons and various live-action series. 

News of Louise’s death was met with sadness among the fans of the shows and games she had worked on. More news is likely to come on the investigation into her death.


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