LS talks about T1 drama as he joins team as content creator

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 24, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Nick “LS” Cesare recently made his first video in weeks, announcing that he will be joining T1 as a content creator. 

After breaking what had become an extended silence, content creator and caster LS has returned to talk about the recent T1 drama and to reveal that he will be joining the organization as a content creator. It has been a bumpy ride for both LS and T1 in the past few weeks after it was leaked that LS and former Starcraft player Choi “Polt” Seong-hun would likely be joining the organization as coaches for the 2021 LCK season

Since then, Polt has been presented as the new general manager for the LoL team, but there has not been any word from LS until now.

In the video, LS starts out by apologizing for the chaos that has been created around the situation, and that he condemns all racist behavior or remarks towards the Korean fans. 

Furthermore, LS states that his love for Korea, the culture, and the community has always been great ever since he moved to the country. Throughout the recent drama, many narratives have been created on social media that Korean fans are toxic. LS opines that T1 fans are the most passionate, the best he has ever seen, and that the negative narratives around them are untrue.  He did not directly address any of the specific negative actions taken by some T1 fans in recent weeks.

LS has also been working with T1 over the past weeks behind closed doors, which is why he has been inactive on social media. Together they have tried to figure out what LS would do next. 

LS could have been T1 coach for 2021 LCK season

While LS is now an official content creator for T1, he does address that he did in fact have the option to be a coach for the upcoming season. 

“I did have the choice to be a coach at T1,” LS said. “This was a real legitimate thing that was potentially going to happen.”

According to LS, the original plan was to join T1 as a content creator, but after going over all options he decided to stick with the content creation plan. LS says that he valued his freedom as a content creator higher and still wants to be able to talk freely about the game on stream and across different communities. 

Since it has previously been leaked that LS was very close to becoming a coach for T1, this is likely the best explanation that fans will get on the matter. It’s still possible that the outrage from fans have had an effect on LS’s final choice, and that he was originally slated to be a coach for the team before fan backlash pointed him back towards content creation.

Now that LS is officially a T1 content creator, he will be returning to streaming soon and has hopefully put all the T1 controversies to rest. Moving forward, T1 will help him improve all his current content and likely take it a step further in the 2021 season. 

Who is ImLS?

LS is a celebrated League of Legends content creator and caster. He is currently a caster on the official English LCK broadcast. Aside from his casting, LS streams regularly and creates content for his thousands of fans. His content primarily revolves around the strategic aspect of League of Legends, as he is known for his innovative ideas around drafting, itemization, and other related parts of the game. Before becoming a caster, LS coaches such teams as bbq Olivers and Tempo Storm.  

Why did LS move to Korea? 

LS originally moved to Korea because he wanted to chase the dream of becoming a professional StarCraft player. Back then, StarCraft was huge in South Korea, and the counrty was the place to be for anyone wanting to become a big name in the StarCraft scene. 

What does LS stand for? 

LS stands for LastShadow, which was his in-game name in StarCraft. He has since shortened the name to just LS, which is what most people in the League of Legends scene know him as. 


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