LoL patch 10.9 buffs Gnar, nerfs Nami, adds FPX Championship skins

By Melany Moncada


Apr 29, 2020

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Patch 10.9 is here, bringing more power to the top lane and the anticipated FunPlus Phoenix Championship skins.

Earlier this month, Riot Games revealed the FPX Championship skins receiving mixed reactions from the community. The set will be available on April 30 in two versions: the regular red version and a special black chroma.

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Champions buffed in patch 10.9

Patch 10.9 is the shortest patch of the year thus far, as the list of champions getting changes is brief and the changes are probably not big enough to make a significant impact in the global meta. Still, the winners of the patch are the top laners. In Season 10, Riot is favoring this role over any other in the game. Top laners deal more damage to turrets, get more XP, and overall perform better than in seasons past. Path 10.9 is looking to diversify the champion pool in this role by giving more power to Cho’Gath and Gnar.


  • E – Vorpal Spikes, Damage 22/37/52/67/82

Vorpal Spikes is Cho’Gath’s most used skill, and it allows him to clear the waves and trade from a safe distance. The buff gives Cho’Gath more power as the game progresses, so the champion is more than a tanky frontline that swallows the enemies.

Gnar is another champion getting buffed in patch 10.9. Gnar doubles as a top laner and as a jungler after the changes in patch 10.4. Now, Mega Gnar is receiving a buff to make the transformation even more impactful in the game.


  • Q — Boulder Toss, Boulder Pickup Cooldown Refund 70%
  • E – Crunch, Damage 80/115/150/185/220

Nerfed champions in patch 10.9

The champions getting nerfed in patch 10.9 are junglers and support. These are small adjustment to champions that are dominating solo queue and making rare appearances in pro play.

Bard is one of the most efficient supports when it comes to roaming. Bard has movement additional movement speed and tunnels. Patch 10.9 targets those abilities.


  • W – Caretaker’s Shrine, Movement Speed 30%, Decaying Over 1.5 Seconds. Cooldown 14 Seconds
  • E – Magical Journey, Cooldown 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 Seconds

With Soraka and Sona out of the way, Nami seems to be the support gaining popularity. Patch 10.9 takes away part of her movement speed. If Nami continues to perform at a high level, she might get more nerfs in the future.


  • Health 475
  • Mana 365
  • Passive – Surging Tides, Movement Speed 45

Trundle had a high presence in the pro play during the spring season. Patch 10.9 increases the cooldown on Trundle’s ultimate, it’s a soft nerf.


  • R – Subjugate, Cooldown 120/100/80 Seconds

Last but no least is Karthus, another champion that is getting a movement speed nerf. The goal behind this nerf is to reduce Karthus’ effectiveness as a jungler and keep his power as a mid laner. Karthus has one of the fastest jungle clearing speeds in the game.


  • Movement Speed 325


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