LoL patch 10.5 targets support items, adds value to turrets

By Melany Moncada


Mar 5, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

It’s time for League of Legends patch 10.5!

Patch 10.5 is now live and it brings key changes for the top laners. Riot Games said that it was committed to making the top lane experience better so the players feel like they have an impact on the game. The changes keep coming and Riot additionally addresses those pesky enchanting supports that keep flexing to the top lane.

Patch 10.5 marks the release of Eternals, the starter pack is available for blue essence.

No more supports champions in the top lane

So far, Season 10 has been largely defined by Soraka and Sona in the top lane. Previous updates targeted these champions directly but seems like it’s not enough to stop them. Patch 10.5 makes two key changes that hopefully will discourage players from taking certain champions to the top lane.

The first change targets the support items. Spellthief’s Edge and Spectral Sickle now require an ally, dead or alive, within 2,000 range. Taking this item to the solo lanes is no longer viable.

The second change affects the turrets and turret plates. Turret plates now grant 160 gold instead of 120. Turrets take 17% less damage from ranged champions and are more resilient against group pushes. Solo laners, in particular top laners, will benefit more from pushing for a solo turret in lane than from grouping as four to take bot lane control.

  • Gold Per Plate: 160
  • Ranged Resistance Turret Plates take 17% reduced damage from ranged champions
  • Outer Turret Armor and Magic resistance 15/50/85/120/155 (At 0-4 Plates Lost)
  • Bulwark Resistances 45 per nearby enemy champion past the second

Champion changes in patch 10.5

Patch 10.5 targets a handful of champions, but these changes are not significant enough to impact the current state of the meta. The highlights of patch 10.5 are Kai’Sa, Graves, and surprisingly enough, Sona.

Kai’Sa is a constant in the meta patch after patch. She’s not high in the priority list but is a pocket pick that can work in different situations. The small buffs improve the late game for Kai’Sa, one of her weak points against champions like Aphelios or Senna that get better over time.


  • Q – Icathian Rain, Damage Ratio 0.25 Ability Power. Living Weapon Upgrade 12 Missiles
  • W – Void Seeker, Damage 30/55/80/105/130 (+0.7 Ability Power)(+1.3 Total Attack Damage). Living Weapon Upgrade 70% Cooldown Refunded Against Champions

Graves fell off the radar for most players a long time ago. It’s not that Graves is a bad champion, but there are way better options available. Patch 10.5 gives Graves back some of his powers.


  • Magic Resist 32
  • Magic Resist Growth 1.25
  • Q – End Of The Line, 60 Mana. Cooldown 12/11/10/9/8 Seconds

It’s hard to keep up with Sona these days, the champion is getting nerfed one patch and buffed the next one. In patch 10.5, Sona gets better AD damage and the movement speed on her E improves. Remember, Riot does not want Sona to be a solo laner.


  • Attack Damage 49
  • Attack Damage Growth 3
  • E – Song Of Celerity, Self Movement Speed 20%

In patch 10.4, Riot added new mechanics to make certain champions viable in the jungle. In patch 10.5, Mordekaiser, Poppy, and Darius are getting additional stats.


  • Hemorrhage Damage to Monsters 175%


  • Darkness Rise Max Damage to Monsters 28-164 (Lv 1-18)


  • Hammer Shock Max Health Damage Cap Vs Non-Champs 50/80/110/140/170

The full patch notes are available on Riot Games’ website.



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