LoL Esports Manager to debut with the LPL 2020 season

By Marta Juras


Oct 16, 2019

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In a large number of announcements Riot Games has shared with its community during the special ten-year anniversary broadcast of Riot Pls, fans of classical sports management games were excited to her League of Legends Esports Manager will be launching in 2020.

LoL Esports Manager will be an esports spin-off of classical sports management games like Football Manager. Players will take on the role of managing their own esports team and try to lead them to the top of the world through strategic decision-making.

“LoL Esports Manager will provide players with the full experience of what it takes to run an esports team through major decisions that include strategy selection, pre-match bans and picks, and winning the off-season by building the best team possible,” Riot’s esports staff has shared in an introductory statement.

LoL Esports Manager to start with the LPL 2020 season


The game is set to go live with the next season of the Chinese League of Legends Pro League starting January 2020, and will include players from other leagues as it gradually expands to other regions.

Riot chose the LPL as the first regional league of LoL Esports Manager due to its depth, saying it provides an ideal environment to start off with their new title.

The game will have both single-player and multiplayer options, and it will have a player-vs-player ranked system set in place. The aim of the game is to give players the experience of what it’s like to progress in esports, giving them the competitive grounds through a new gameplay experience.

Players will be able to experience the title either from the perspective of a team’s manager, or as a pro player climbing the ranks of the game’s top levels.

Revenues from the game to be shared with pro teams


With Riot celebrating League’s 10th birthday, the developer continued highlighting the importance the players and the community have had in the game’s success. This will also be true for LoL Esports Manager, as Riot says a portion of the revenues from the game will be forwarded to the featured teams, “allowing the sport as a whole to share in the success.”

It’s equitable to revenue-sharing agreements that have been used when cosmetic goods featuring team logos and emblems have been featured in the League of Legends shop. It also allows LPL players and teams to profit from their likenesses being used in the new game.


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