LoL Clash returns in December for final beta test before 2020

Melany Moncav • October 31, 06:20

Riot Games has announced a new edition of Clash, coming to all the regions in December.

The tournament is coming back one more time in 2019. Riot Games will launch a global beta across all regions simultaneously to test Clash before its official launch in 2020. Through the year, Riot hosted 22 tournaments across 11 servers worldwide. Clash passed the test and Riot has deemed the tournament service as stable.

Clash returns to League of Legends

The developer originally launched Clash in 2018, but the event was unstable and Riot decided to go back to the drawing board. The developer redesigned part of Clash, tested it internally, and then move to regional testing. Now Riot is ready for the final test, having Clash live on all servers simultaneously.

Clash will return on two different weekends, December 7-8 and December 14-15. Clash will be available on all 16 servers simultaneously so that all players can take part in the competitive experience. The winners of the weekend competitions will receive new and exclusive rewards.

Players that wish to participate in Clash will need a basic ticket, and they can get a ticket through missions, Clash’s website, and blue essence. All five players in the team will require a ticket to take part in the competition.

Clash is taking place after the end of the ranked season and at the beginning of the preseason. The players will have the opportunity to compete in the Season 10 version of Summoner’s Rift. There are multiple upcoming changes in the mechanics of the map, so for more go to’s report on the preseason updates for Season 10.

Clash is open to players of all ranks that will compete in teams of five. All teams need to be set ahead of time. The competition takes place through the weekend at specific hours, so the teams must be available when called upon.


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