LoL celebrates ten years with new logo, Riot Pls special edition

By Melany Moncada


Sep 18, 2019

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League of Legends will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a special edition of Riot Pls on October 15.

It’s been ten years since the release of League of Legends. Many games have come and go, and LoL remains as one of the most popular titles online. According to Riot Games, LoL saw a daily eight million peak of concurrent players worldwide in the month of August. LoL is now the most-played PC game in the world, surpassing the top ten games on Steam combined.

LoL commemorates ten years online


LoL is still going strong with new additions like Teamfight Tactics. The auto-battler mode took over the internet and became a permanent part of LoL soon after its release.

LoL’s competitive scene is one of the most stable in the esports industry, with competitive leagues established around the world. LoL is not limited to the professional tier either, as the game has collegiate leagues, semiprofessional leagues, and even high school tournaments. The different competitions make for a healthy environment that nurtures new and fresh talents from a young age.

Riot Pls will celebrate a decade of LoL with a look at the best moments in LoL history, plus a look into the company’s future plans for the game. The broadcast will show a preview of the preseason changes and the next TFT update.

League of Legends debuts new logo


Last but not least, Riot Games has changed the official League of Legends logo. The new logo is a modern take on the classic LoL logo. The text continues to be golden but it loses the prior frame and adds more texture to the letters. Earlier this year, Riot Games changed the company’s logo, so it makes sense for them to modernize the visual identity of League of Legends as well.

Season 9 will come to a conclusion with the 2019 LoL World Championship taking place in Europe. The ten-year celebration will take place during Worlds’ on October 15 at 6pm PST.


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