LLA is relocating to Mexico in 2020 after one season in Chile

By Melany Moncada


Sep 15, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

The LLA is moving to Mexico in 2020.

After only one year, Riot Games has decided to move the main Latin American League of Legends tournament up north.

The LLA was established ahead of the 2019 season when Riot Games decided to merge the Latin America North and Latin America South tournaments into one competition. The developer went through a long selection process to determine the eight teams that would take part in the competition.

The inaugural year was played in Santiago, Chile with each team being forced to establish operations in the country. After one year in Chile, the teams will have to move once again.

Riot Games signed a new deal with Azteca Deportes, the sports division of one of the biggest television networks in Mexico, and Cinemex, a Mexican chain cinema. In 2020, the LLA will open a studio with a live audience at the Mall Artz Pedregal in Mexico City.

According to the announcement, Riot Games will help the teams relocate to Mexico before the start of the 2020 Opening Season. Mexico is the second-largest esports market in Latin America, behind only Brazil. Taking the tournament to Mexico will likely strengthen the competitive field, and line the pockets of all parties.

On Twitter, most of the teams expressed their excitement for this new chapter of competitive League of Legends in Latin America. Riot Games has been modeling the professional scene of the region based on that of Europe’s national leagues.

While some celebrated the move, Brazilian teams mourned the change. Due to the language difference and the population, Brazil has its own server and tournament. Geographically, the region is limited when it comes to scrim partners and the repeated changes will force them to once again find new players to practice against.

Riot Games is yet to confirm if all of the teams will return in 2020.