Listen to Tarzaned claim he boosted IWillDominate to Challenger

By Olivia Richman


May 21, 2020

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On a recent stream, League of Legends streamer Julian “Tarzaned” Farokhian claimed he boosted fellow streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera’s account to Challenger. 

After an ongoing fued between the two Twitch streamers, Tarzaned decided to up the ante and expose IWillDominate with claims that he boosted the Team Liquid content creator’s account. 

“You call yourself a Challenger player and you never actually got Challenger on your own. I actually had to play on your account for two years straight to get Challenger,” Tarzaned revealed. 

Tarzaned added that he boosted two of IWillDominate’s accounts, something he’s kept to himself for three years. But when he felt attacked by IWillDominate’s “massive ego,” he decided to spill the details. He told his followers that IWD paid him over $10,000 to boost his accounts to Challenger, even sharing a screenshot of IWillDominate sending him money on PayPal. 

“I boosted you to Chellenger in both 2017 and 2018. You can continue being disingenuous or take this as a reality check and be honest with yourself. You are not a Challenger level player,” Tarzaned tweeted, threatening to show a payment from 2017 as well. 

IWillDominate responds to account boosting allegations

As fans and followers on Twitter and Reddit began to react to the shocking allegations, IWillDominate decided to go on Twitch this morning to share his side of the drama. 

On stream, he shared screenshots of him and Tarzaned chatting on Discord. In the screengrabbed conversation, IWillDominate asks Tarzaned if he had an account to boost since he was “bored.” Tarzaned responds that he can boost his main account, which prompts IWillDominate to reply with, “yeah sure.” He also shared a screenshot on Twitter that shows he denied payment for the service. 

“The one point I’m trying to get to in this community is why does one person just say one negative thing about another and the community believes it at face value when there’s zero proof?” IWillDominate asked while clicking through the screenshots. “I literally proved I boosted his account. What other proof could you want?” 

IWillDominate then admitted that Tarzaned had played on his account once before to keep it from decaying. IWillDominate claimed it was an account that was already Challenger. He also admitted that he did pay Tarzaned to do it, as well as unranked accounts so he could climb the ladder with them as well. IWillDominate denied paying over $10,000 for the service and also stated that he did the same thing for Tarzaned as well, since they were “boys.” 

Fans immediately started calling out both streamers, stating that Riot should ban them for boosting accounts and having accounts boosted, no matter who did what. IWilDominate replied that they actually were banned at the time and weren’t rewarded that season. 

Others in the streaming community felt that IWillDominate got what he deserved for being toxic. Many were surprised that he would “lash out” at Tarzaned when he was sitting on such strong allegations. IWillDominate was also recently in an online scrap with Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, where he called the fellow streamer a “cancer human being.”

In response to the drama, IWillDominate has blocked Tarzaned on Twitter. 

“I was nothing but a good friend to you. You threw everything away over nothing. Our entire friendship was based off of this dirty little secret. You are not a good person. This was extremely one sided. Hope you can become a better person one day,” Tarzaned tweeted. 

Tarzaned also provided additional screenshots of his conversations with IWillDominate to serve as evidence that his claims were true.


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