Lilypichu responds to racism and hate for taking day off streaming

Fariha Bhatti • January 12, 21:00

Offline TV member Lily “Lilypichu” Ki has responded to racist comments from the viewers harassing her for taking a day off streaming. The Twitch streamer exposed the hate messages in a Twitter thread. 

The recent surge in the Rust player base could be attributed to popular Twitch personalities streaming their ventures. The survival game has been making headlines after the Offline TV server went live. With the involvement of the likes of Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, Sykkuno, and Félix “xQc” Lengyel, Rust’s popularity was imminent. However, what really keeps the viewers hooked are the drops. 

Many Rust streams have drops activated on their streams for the fans. During a set time, viewers can get various items to bolster their inventories just by watching the streams. As exciting it may sounds, this feature resulted in “absurd” hate towards Lilypichu. The viewers protested that they were missing out on drops due to Lilypichu’s day off.  

The Twitch streamer had skipped her scheduled stream on January 11. Despite being a regular streamer in general, the ruthless fans spammed her Twitter with racist comments. Lily shared a peek into her mentions, which was flooded with vile hate. Some viewers were calling her out for banning them on stream, while others were purely racist. 

Fans come out in Lilypichu’s support

In a response, Lilypichu acknowledged that she streams the least compared with other Rust server members, which is why she has decreased her drop requirements from four to two hours. The Offline TV member handled the litany of abuse smoothly by requesting the viewers to go AFK if they only tune in for drops. Finally, the streamer clarified that she respects the supporters, whereas the few comical hate comments are “absurd to the point of comedy.”

Her loyal fans sent heaps of support towards Lily who had promised to continue streaming more despite the hate. Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Seán “Jacksepticeye” William were among some popular names defending Lilypichu in the comment section. 

While Lilypichu may have disregarded the hate thrown her way, no one should have to bear the brunt of such vile racism for taking one day off. 


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