Lillia still hasn’t been buffed or nerfed since her release

By Christian Vejvad


Dec 28, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

In an amazing display of potential lauched balance, Lillia has neither been buffed nor nerfed since her release in patch 10.15. 

After a total of 10 patches, Lillia still has not seen any changes despite being a contested pick in both solo queue and professional play. Lillia was released on July 22 and has only seen minor bug fixes since then, the latest being in patch 10.23. Lillia is one of the rare cases where Riot didn’t have to make tweaks in the following patches after release.

Lillia was initially going to receive a nerf shortly after her release, but the change was only applied on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and never reached the live servers. 

While being a popular pick in solo queue after her release, Lillia also saw some popularity in professional play. Lillia was available at the 2020 World Championship, where the best junglers in the world decided to pick her up. In fact, Lillia was the second most-picked jungler at the Worlds main event right after Graves. Lillia was picked a total of 25 times and saw a 48% win rate. 

The fact that Lillia has not been changed despite her relative popularity indicates that Riot has balanced her fairly well from the get-go. Fans usually see new champions released either too strong or too weak, resulting in either nerfs or buffs in the following patches. Recently released champion Samira has already been hit by several changes despite being released two months after Lillia.  

As of patch 10.25, Lillia has fallen out of the meta. The Bashful Bloom has not been a priority in the 2021 preseason after tank and assassin junglers have taken over. With a current win rate far below 50%, Lillia might end up being buffed for the first time when Season 11 hits in January. Until then, Lillia will remain the same champion she was at release. 


What role is Lillia?

Lillia is played as a jungler and has been since her release in patch 10.25. Lillia is very capable in the jungle because of her great AOE damage, which allows her to clear camps at a fast speed. Lillia can also pull off some sneaky ganks with her Swirlseed (E) and is great at setting up her teammates in general. 

Is Lillia a good jungler?

Since Lillia was released, she has been played quite a lot in both solo queue and professional play. Lillia was even a contested pick at the 2020 World Championship, but has since fallen a bit out of the meta in the 2021 preseason. As of patch 10.25, Lillia is sitting at a 47.40% win rate in Platinum rank and above. From the win rates alone, it’s clear that Lillia isn’t one of the strongest junglers in the meta, but can still have a big impact on a game if played correctly. 

How much does Lillia cost?

Since Lillia is one of the newest champions in the game she will cost a total of 6,300 Blue Essence in the LoL store. She can also be purchased for 975 Riot Points. The cost of Lillia will likely be reduced further with time as other new champions enter into League of Legends.