LIDER left without an LEC team for the 2021 season

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Former Misfits Gaming mid laner Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov is without an LEC roster for the second time since his debut in 2019 for that team. The Norwegian player was rumored to be in contention for the vacant Fnatic spot, but looks to have lost it to former Cloud9 mid laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer.

LIDER addressed his status as a free agent and called for fans to stop criticizing Fnatic for their decision in a twitlonger.

LIDER has faced controversy since his promotion from Misfits’ academy roster. Even the circumstance that lead him to a starting spot, the surprise benching of an entire starting roster, was controversial. LIDER has also been criticised for his shallow champion pool and his poor attitude in-game. LIDER has been warned by the LEC and banned in the Prime League Pro Division for toxic behavior in solo queue.

While he has tried to rectify his behavior, per his twitlonger, it seems that most fans and teams do not want to touch such a toxic player, even one with the skills and results of LIDER.

LIDER’s 2020 season in review

Once LIDER was unexpectedly let go from Misfits at the end of 2019, he rejoined Europe’s regional leagues for the 2020 season. The regional leagues are where LIDER started his journey to the LEC. He impressed most of Europe initially with his assassin play and first-place finish at the 2019 Spring European Masters.

LIDER joined a stacked Mousesports roster in 2020 that looked poised to take the European Masters crown. Former LEC players Jesper “Jeskla” Strömberg and Hampus “Promisq” Abrahamsson joined their fellow LEC castaway and two German rookies in the Prime League Pro Division. Here, LIDER would lead the team to second place in the regular season and playoffs and to a top-eight finish at European Masters in the Spring.

The team followed that split by winning the Prime League regular season and playoffs in the summer. LIDER and his squad would eventually flame out in the top four at that split’s European Masters, but it brought attention to the Mousesports players as the offseason was rolling around.

Will Lider ever rejoin the LEC?

While some of his fellow teammates are rumored to be rejoining the LEC as Astralis is linked to both Jeskla and Promisq, LIDER looks destined for another stint in the regional leagues. But the Norwegian assassin player has made an impression on analysts and fans alike during his time in the Pro League and short stay in the LEC.

LIDER also still has a chance to start at some point in the LEC next season. With his contract ending with Mousesports, he could join an LEC organization’s academy team. While he would still be relegated to a lower league, he would have the chance to be brought up organically through the team’s ranks without any contract negotiations mid-season. 

LIDER is one of Europe’s many talented mid laner players. He has the highlight reel plays to warrant another shot in the LEC, but with a track record of toxic behavior, many teams would rather take a risk on a different player. LIDER may find his way onto another LEC team, but it will not be at the start of the 2021 season.


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