Lethal Company Skinwalkers Mod is spooky and hilarious

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Lethal Company is making waves as the hot new game that mixes the best attributes of survival with the horror genre. Mods make it even more spookier. 

Lethal Company is primarily a horror game with elements of survival. The player must make it out of the Company while evading the monsters behind the shadows. In this eerie scenery, your friends are all you have. But, what if they decieve you as well?

Modders have added a touch of spice to Lethal Company. The game becomes even more spookier with Mods like Skinwalkers. 

Skinwalkers Mod in Lethal Company 

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Lethal Company is multiplayer, which means possibilities for modding are endless. RugbugRedfern has created a Mod that would make you question your friends’ loyalties. 

Lethal Company has 17 monsters who are capable of being incredibly creepy and spooky. But, with this new mod, monsters have learned to mimic humans. 

By installing Skinwalkers Mod, monsters can mimic your friends and repeat recorded voice lines on cue. This means you won’t be able to tell if it’s your real friend calling out for you or a monster. This mod adds a new layer to the already creepy game, but it’s hilarious in equal parts. 

However, your friends need to install the Skinwalkers mod as well in order to experience it fully. 

How to download Skinwalkers Mod in Lethal Company?

  • First, install BepInEx for Lethal Company from Thunderstore.io. 
  • You can download it by clicking here
  • Now, extract the BepInEx folder and copy-paste it into the game’s installation path. 
  • Once the mod has been installed, download the Skinswalkers mod here, and extract the contents. 
  • Now, go to BepInEx>Plugins folder of the extracted mod folder, and copy the SkinwalkerMod.dll file. 
  • Next, head over to the game’s installation directory, open the BepInEx folder and then the plugins folder, and paste the .dll file. 
  • Your Skinwalkers mod in Lethal Company should begin installing.


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