Leaked Valorant patch 2.07 shows major Astra and Raze changes

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 9, 2021

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The upcoming Valorant patch will tweak Viper, Astra, and Raze, according to a leak that released Patch 2.07 days ahead of the scheduled date. 

Riot Games has just delivered a crucial patch that fixed up Viper and Yoru, bringing the two agents back into the game meta. Players weren’t expecting another update so soon, but a data miner has leaked the entirety of patch 2.07, and it reveals crucial tweaks coming to Raze and Astra’s kit. 

Valorant data miner and leaker floxay published an image of Valorant patch 2.07 on Twitter. 

According to the leak, Raze will get a minor nerf to her satchel that will likely impact her map control and mobility. The agent is equipped with two Blastpacks that help her move across the maps quickly, gaining an edge over slower enemies. Patch 2.07 will require her to be more cautious with the satchel, as enemies would be able to get a sound indicator each time she’s boosted on her packs. Along with that, the developer has updated the explosion and Showstopper VFX so they are less obscuring on the battlefield. 

Astra gets a minute but still crucial tweak to her Gravity well that won’t drag in enemies defusing the Spike. The new patch buffs up her tornado ability that will suck agents to its center despite the situation, ultimately interrupting the defuse. Defenders may want to steer clear of Astra as the controller will be better able to deny the defuse after patch 2.07. 

Other bug fixes to come in patch 2.07

After her recent update, Viper was experiencing a weird bug that prevented enemies from killing a decayed agent with Marshal. The developer has discovered that the bug was tied to how the game determines if taking damage should be lethal on decayed targets with armour at specific health breakpoints. 

Apart from all of these agent balance tweaks, the developer will also patch up the bug reported earlier in which Yoru could plant the Spike while in his invincible form. The game-breaking bug was being exploited by players in ranked games as it allowed easy round wins on the attackers’ side. Another bug that caused Killjoy’s turret to break Sage’s Barrier Orb will also be fixed in patch 2.07. 

Patch 2.07 hasn’t officially been released, so the leak should be taken with a grain of salt. The developer can still add more changes to the upcoming patch. 


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