Leak reveals Pride Cards in Valorant to support LGBTQ+ community

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Pride Cards are soon coming to Valorant to celebrate Pride Month in June, a leak showed. 

Credible Valorant data miner Mike revealed seven player cards with different combinations of rainbow colors titled “Pride Cards.” The cards show the developer’s support for sexually marginalized groups and speak volumes about inclusivity in Valorant. 

The cards won’t be released with the recent Act 3 update. They’ll be available in the form of a code for Valorant players who can redeem it from the official website. Viewers of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters 2 event will also be awarded the code during the final game. The event is scheduled for May 30, but the code can only be claimed on June 3, at the beginning of Pride Month. The developer will also celebrate Pride month by dropping codes for the unique cards on Valorant’s social media accounts.

Player Cards beautify the game lobby while you’re in the queue. The game has many creative cards that can be unlocked through a battle pass. However, the colorful Pride cards will be rare as they’ll be available for a limited time. The seven cards represent the flag of the LBTQA+ community with gay, transgender, pansexual, non-binary, bisexual, asexual, and lesbian color ranges displayed from left to right. 

Here are all Variants that will be available to collect:

  • Pride 1: Rainbow
  • Pride 2: Cotton Candy
  • Pride 3: Primary
  • Pride 4: Galactic
  • Pride 5: Sunset
  • Pride 6: Twilight
  • Pride 7: Sherbet

What are Valorant Pride Cards?

Player Cards are often used to furnish accounts and enhance game lobbies. The upcoming Pride Cards are both visually pleasing and meaningful. The colorful cards exhibit the developer’s sentiments towards underrepresented communities and is another step towards promoting diversity in the game. 

Valorant has set a whole new benchmark for other shooter games, not just in terms of game mechanics but the way it addresses toxicity and discrimination. The game developer earlier introduced Valorant Game Changers to provide an official platform for women and other  marginalized genders in esports to showcase their skills and compete internationally. The project filtered out hundreds of talented players who are now enjoying the limelight in the professional scene. 

While it’s a bold effort from the developer to support diverse sexualities during Pride Month, most players aren’t taking it well. The Valorant community is torn about bringing sexuality and relevant movements into a casual shooter game. Some players are concerned that owners of these badges may face more hate and judgment in the game for their sexual identities. The game will probably be littered with bullies and hate accounts. It remains to be seen how the developer tackles the hate surge that may follow after the release of Pride Cards.


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