League of Legends World Championship locations and dates revealed

By Olivia Richman


Jun 20, 2019

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Big LoL news for fans


Riot has finally announced dates and locations for the League of Legends World Championship. The four-month event is the largest LoL tournament of the year, the culmination of the competitive LoL season. Top teams from around the world will compete in Europe for the Summoner’s Cup and the title of World Champion. 

Twenty four teams from 13 regional leagues will be competing at the play-in stage, which will start in the LEC Studio in Berlin, Germany on October 4. The following stages will be located in Spain and France. 

LoL schedule revealed


The Play-In Stage will take place October 2-5 and October 7-8. The top four teams will advance to the Group Stage. 

Here are the teams that will be competing in the Play-In Stage: 

  • CBLOL (Brazil) Team
  • LCL (Russia) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • LJL (Japan) Team
  • LLA (Latin America) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LMS ( Chinese Taipei ) Team
  • OPL (Australia ) Team
  • LST (Southeast Asia) Team
  • TCL (Turkey) Team
  • 2nd Seeded VCS (Vietnam) Team

The Group Stage, which takes place at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin, will begin October 12-15. It will conclude with matches on October 17-20. 

Here are the teams that will auto-quality into the Group Stage, according to Riot’s official press release:

  • 1st Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 1st Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 1st Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • 1st Seeded LMS (Chinese Taipei) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LMS (Chiniese Taipei) Team
  • 1st Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 1st Seeded VCS (Vietnam) Team

Eight teams from the Group Stage will qualify for the quarterfinals and semifinals in the Knock-Out Stage. This will take place at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid, Spain. The quarterfinals will be October 26 and 27. Semifinals will take us through November 2-3. 

The World Championship Finals will take place in Paris, France at the AccorHotels Arena. The finals will take place on November 10. 

According to Riot Games, ticket purchase options will be posted in the coming weeks. 


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