League of Legends Wild Rift coming to iOS, revealed by Apple

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 13, 2020

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League of Legends Wild Rift will be coming to iOS, as Apple revealed during a recent iPhone 12 event. 

It came as a surprise to many fans when Wild Rift was featured on the official Apple event stream during the announcement of the new iPhone 12. During the short sequence, it was announced that Wild Rift will be available on iOS, while the iPhone 12 will run the game with some of the best mobile graphics and 5G network available, according to Apple. 

The new iPhone is powered by the Apple A14 Bionic CPU and is up to 40% faster than the previous A12, Apple has said. This will hopefully make the Wild Rift game experience smooth on the new iPhone, so iOS fans can also enjoy the highly anticipated mobile game. 

Wild Rift is coming to the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 release event hit a peak viewership of over 3 million on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and VK Live combined. Viewers from all over the world saw the presentation and the game in action, which should be the perfect advertisement for the new mobile game.  

Wild Rift will be just like the original League of Legends in many ways, with Summoner’s Rift as its battleground and familiar champions. Not every champion will be available from release, but Riot will be adding more as the game develops. Some champion mechanics will also be different from those found in the PC game, such as Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) that will be controllable across the map. The mechanical changes are made so that everything is better suited for mobile and won’t feel out of place on the new platform.

Riot has also made a completely new interface for the game, to allow players to control their champion and abilities as effectively as possible.  

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Wild Rift is currently in its closed beta in selected countries and will likely be available for play sooner rather than later. There is no official release date on the game yet, but announcing it alongside the iPhone 12 might indicate that the game is almost ready. Wild Rift will also be available on Android. 

The iPhone 12 is set to release on October 23


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