League of Legends team rankings show DAMWON, LPL on top

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The 2020 League of Legends season is coming to an end after an incredible 2020 World Championship. On that occasion, it’s time to present the first WIN.gg LoL rankings for the 10 best teams in the world. 

The rankings are based on a lot of factors through our proprietary algorithmic method that helps to identify who the best teams in the world currently are. The recent World Championship has made a lot of changes to the global team landscape with specific teams climbing the ladder while others are falling back because of poor performances.   

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The current team rankings are heavily influenced by the 2020 World Championship, with only one team on the list who didn’t make it to the tournament. The current ranking is also a solid mix between LCK, LPL, and LEC teams that have done well throughout the year. The only major region left out is the LCS, who didn’t manage to perform well at Worlds with no team making it past the group stage. 

DAMWON Gaming tops the list after Worlds 2020 win

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It’s no surprise that LCK’s DAMWON Gaming is sitting comfortably on the top spot. DAMWON had an impressive showing at Worlds and managed to win the Summoner’s Cup. It’s the first time that a Korean team has won the Worlds since 2017, so it was a relief for Korea as a region to finally be back on top. 

DAMWON is considered the most complete team that the world has seen in many years. The five players on the team are world-class and their teamwork and ability to coordinate plays around the map is even better. There are very few weaknesses to DAMWON, which was proven at Worlds. 

DAMWON only lost two games in the 2020 LCK Summer Split, followed by a 14-3 record at Worlds. The team doesn’t know what losing feels like, which makes them the perfect candidate for the title of best team in the world. 

LPL teams are heavily represented in the top 5

With three LPL teams in the top four, it’s hard to argue against China still being the strongest region in League of Legends. Besides DAMWON, no team can really challenge the best LPL teams and that is why Top Esports, JD Gaming, and Suning are placed so highly in the rankings.

While the LPL didn’t manage to overcome the overlords from DAMWON, the teams still performed at a very high level at Worlds. What is interesting is that all three LPL teams were placed on the same side of the Worlds 2020 playoffs bracket, meaning that LPL squads knocked each other out. 

In the end, Suning was the team to perform best at Worlds and went all the way to the final. Even though Suning won the most recent matches against Top Esports and JDG, they are still slightly behind. This is due to the fact that Suning didn’t perform as well in the LPL season, but they are definitely catching up. 

LPL is the most stacked league in the world, making 2021 in the region look very exciting and highly competitive. 

G2 Esports and Fnatic fight for top 5 spots

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With a top 5 full of eastern teams, there are luckily a few from the west right behind. Both G2 Esports and Fnatic from the LEC are currently in the top 10, with G2 taking the highest spot as the sixth-best team in the world. 

G2 managed to go all the way to the Worlds semifinals where they were knocked out by the DAMWON in an epic rematch from the 2019 World Championship. G2 was one of the dark horses for the tournament but didn’t quite manage to perform as well as in the 2019 season. G2 still proved that they belong among the best teams in the world and will be looking to climb further in 2021. 

Fnatic takes a solid ninth-place spot after reaching the quarterfinals at Worlds. The European squad managed to take pre-tournament favorites Top Esports to five games, forcing the LPL champions to make the first reverse sweep in Worlds history. Fnatic proved that they are a great team but still needs the last gear to be able to challenge the absolute best teams.  

To learn more about the rankings and how they work through the algorithm, please head over to our rankings FAQ article


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