League of Legends Season 10 changes, plans detailed by Riot

Devon Huge • January 12, 2020 8:01 am

In a recent Dev Video, Riot goes over some of its changes to, and plans for, Summoner’s Rift in Season 10.

Preseason 10 started with the Rise of The Elements patch. It introduced a comprehensive rework of how the dragon objectives impact the pace of the game. Riot is mostly content with the state of the changes, but are keeping an eye on the power the objectives can provide.

This season of ranked play will be very similar to the last one. It will start with 10 placement matches that will build up a player’s starting rank. During these matches, LP cannot be lost and LP gains will be inflated. Riot hopes to keep ranked stable and experimentation with the mode to a minimum.

A major issue has been the prevalence of auto-filled players being largely distributed on one team. Early in Season 10, Riot is looking to implement a system that actively prevents one-sided matchmaking. Additional features have also been teased, but will not be made public until further along in the year.

Riot promises client update, game modes in Season 10

In the near future, Riot will be optimizing their famously shotty client. They will be targeting champion select optimization, client load time, and overall speed and performance. In Season 9, the client was migrated to a new engine. Riot will be building upon that new foundation as the year progresses.

There was a lot of fan backlash regarding events in 2019 that lacked unique game modes. Responding to this feedback, Riot will aim to introduce a new game mode for every event of the year. This will start with the Mecha Kingdom event and the reintroduction of AR Ultra Rapid Fire. Later in the year, One For All will also make an appearance.

Two years after its intended release, Clash’s release has been officially announced. Riot stated that the Global Beta for Clash performed well with only “minor issues”. An exact date has not been disclosed but the coveted mode will be making its return “early this year”.

Season 9 was full of backlash, but 2020 seems like it will be a good year for League of Legends fans.


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