League of Legends fighting game, RPG teased in Riot Pls

By Steven Rondina


Oct 16, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The League of Legends fighting game is real, but don’t expect to be playing it any time soon.

During the League of Legends 10th Anniversary edition of Riot Pls, the publisher revealed a number of new games. Included on that list is Project L, the fighting game that was briefly discussed during the broadcast of Evo 2019 in August.

Though the game is still in an early stage of development, enough gameplay footage was shown to give fans of the franchise an idea of what is coming.

Project L champions, details revealed in Riot Pls 10th Anniversary


While one might expect a League of Legends fighting game to head in the direction of Soulcalibur, a similarly-themed fantasy brawler with three-dimenional fighting, the footage shown suggests that Project L will be a 2D fighting game. The game is relatively fast-paced, but does not seem to be as lightning-quick as titles like Guilty Gear and Persona 4 Arena.

No specific gameplay mechanics were shown off or discussed. The HUD for the game is straightforward, with a health bar at the top and a meter at the bottom divided into four segments, similar to Street Fighter IV. There also seemed to be character-specific emblems in the corners for each character, hinting at unique abilities for each. While that setup has been used by a slew of different fighting games for everything from super moves to cancels, nothing was shown outside of a few flashy moves.

Only four different champions were shown, including Darius, Jinx, Ahri, and Katarina.

While it’s a fairly safe assumption that more will be available at launch, the developers were clear that Project L isn’t close to release at this time. Though many of the games received vague release dates like “later this year” and “some time in 2020,” the developers for Project L didn’t even hint at an announcement in the near future.

League of Legends fans should be excited for the game, but they shouldn’t be saving up vacation time in anticipation of its release at this point.

League of Legends RPG teased


Between digital card game Legends of Runeterra, a new first-person shooter, and mobile LoL spin-off League of Legends Wild Rift, fans of the series had a lot to look forward to. That said, there was a different game that seemed to slide under the radar.

An unnamed game that resembled both an MMORPG and Diablo-style ARPG was also briefly touched upon during the Riot Pls.

The developers working on the game discussed giving League fans the opportunity to explore the world of Runeterra. Interspersed throughout were short clips of a game that seemed to show a party of players traveling together through a wild environment and fighting enemies.

Once again, no details were given on the game itself was offered and there were no hints regarding how far along the game is into development.


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