League of Legends ex-pro and streamer Remilia dies at age 24

By Marta Juras


Dec 28, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Former League of Legends pro player and streamer Maria “Remilia” Creveling suddenly died on December 27, 2019.

League of Legends fans were sad to hear the first female League of Legends pro to compete on the LCS stage had left the world at such a young age. Remilia was only 24 when she died peacefully in her sleep, according to her close friend and esports journalist Richard Lewis.

Lewis shared the news with League fans over Twitter, leaving many of them, including a number of popular personalities, shocked and sad.

“She would not have wanted any lengthy statements or grand eulogies,” Lewis said. “Despite having fans all over the world she was never one who craved the spotlight. My only request is that anyone wanting to pay tribute reach out to ensure that it is done in a manner that respects her wishes.”

Remilia’s partner shared the same wishes with his followers, saying that the last four months the two have spent together have been incredible for both of them.

“Although she deserved so much more, it was a privilege to know her for the short time I did,” they shared.

Remilia struggled with health issues, anxiety

Some of Remilia’s health struggles had been made known in the past. These issues required persistent medical attention over the years. Remilia also spoke publicly about her mental health, discussing feelings of anxiety and sadness.

Just a month ago, Remilia performed alongside Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana at Twitch Rivals Team Draft 2019. During her competitive career, she played for Renegades, and some other amateur teams.

As a member of Renegades, Remilia stood at the top of NA CS 2015 Summer Playoffs and had an opportunity to perform in the NA LCS 2016 Spring Split, where the team finished eighth overall. She stepped down from the team due to issues with self-esteem and anxiety, and turned her focus towards streaming while making occasional forays back into competitive play.