League of Legends 2020 cinematic “Warriors” is now live

By Marta Juras


Jan 9, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

The 2020 League of Legends cinematic, titled Warriors, is live.

Riot Games has been working hard to make players excited about the new tenth season of League of Legends. And it’s on a great track to do so, going from the 2020 season teaser where upcoming updates were announced to the high quality animation of the new cinematic.

Imagine Dragons’ Warriors, a song that was written for the 2014 World Championship and has since been one of the fan favorite League songs, has made a remixed return with the cinematic, hence the name. This time around, the song is performed by music composer 2WEI and artist Edda Hayes.

Ezeral, Lux, Sylas, more in the spotlight of 2020 cinematic

The top notch animation fans expect of Riot is on point in the new cinematic, bringing their favorite champions to life. The opening shows champions of Demacia, Lux and Garen, protecting their people behind the city walls when Sylas bursts in to continue the battle.

The scenery then shifts towards Zaun, where Caitlyn and Vi are shown preventing a chained Urgot, a raging juggernaut looking to spread chaos, from escaping. While the two Piltover enforcers fail to stop mercenaries from releasing Urgot, Vi’s punches and Caitlyn’s headshots help them to escape the deadly outcome.

At the same time, Ezreal finds a Tear of the Goddess, an item often crucial to his build, but taking it awakens a swamp of voidlings that attack him. Kai’Sa joins to help him, and the marksmen are shown fighting them off together, throwing their skillshots.

On the Demacian grounds, Sylas and Garen clash their weapons before Garen falls in chains, and Sylas takes the opportunity to steal his sword. Just as Garen was about to be executed with his own weapon, Galio ascends from the sky as his protection. Lux retrieves her staff and channels her light on the front lines of the battleground for a climactic finish to the cinematic.


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