Larssen extends his contract with Rogue through 2023

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 23, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Rogue will be keeping one of its absolute biggest star players as mid laner Emil “Larssen” Larsson has extended his contract with the team through 2023. 

With the contract extension, the Swedish mid laner is expected to play under the Rogue banners until November 2023 at the earliest, unless he is bought out of his contract before then. Larssen has been a part of the Rogue LEC roster since May 2019 and has since then proven to be one of the absolute best players in Europe. After making big improvements this past year, Larssen will be fighting for his first LEC trophy in the upcoming weekend. 

After participating at the 2020 World Championship last year as a Worlds rookie, Larssen has continued to prove that he deserves another shot at the international stage. His constant dominance on control mages in the mid lane has made him one of the most consistent players in the region, resulting in him and Rogue almost winning the 2021 LEC Spring Split trophy and now most recently finishing the regular summer split in the first place. 

During the ongoing LEC playoffs, Rogue fell short to MAD Lions in the upper bracket but still had a chance to reach the final. Just like the last split, MAD Lions seem to be the kryptonite of Rogue but besides that, the team has only impressed. Rogue will fight for the last spot in the final against Fnatic in only a few days and it seems like Larssen could be the deciding factor in that game. 

In his summer split with Rogue, Larssen impressed with the second-highest KDA of mid laners at 5 and a total of 74 kills across the 18 regular-split games. In the playoffs, Larssen is topping the KDA chart between the six participating mid laners and has been ahead in gold, XP, and CS consistently against his opponents. 

The individual stats show how valuable of a player Larssen is and will likely continue to be in the upcoming years. With an age of just 21 years old, Larssen looks to have way more room to grow and a lot of potentials to keep Rogue at the top of the LEC as one of the dominant factors. 

If Rogue can finally win an LEC trophy will be decided this weekend, when it faces off against Fnatic on Saturday, August 28. If Rogue manages to win, it will get a rematch against MAD Lions in the grand final.   


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