Kay/O can help take site control on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Agent 16 Kay/O is the perfect initiator to help open bomb points in Valorant. You just need to know this lineup. 

Valorant’s newest terminator Kay/O is ideal for players who like no-nonsense games, void of complex strategies. However, he’s also capable of using his kit tactically when required. His utility works similar to other agents like Killjoy, Viper, and it can help break down enemy defenses. 

Ascent is a relatively attacker-sided map, so it doesn’t require heavy tactics and abilities. If you want to save Skye’s flashes or Pheonix’s fire for later, you can use Kay/O’s uncomplicated kit to garner A control safely. The bomb point can be tackled just by using Kay/O’s nade and a blade. 

Best Kay/O lineup on Ascent

For this lineup, you’ll need a Fragment and Zero point. Stand on the front side of the Radianite box placed outside A main. Aim up at the sky and align the corner of the ability hud with the metal’s edge, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Throw the blade to suppress all enemies inside point A. The dagger will land behind double Radianite boxes, making all enemies powerless within its radius. 

Equip fragments from the same position and aim at the spark in the sky. Place your crosshair at the corner of the grey area, as shown in the image. Press the jump key and then release the ball. This grenade will land at Haven entrance, blocking all enemies from peaking bomb point. 

Blog post image

These two abilities, coupled with a well-timed Flashdrive, should be able to get your team site control. Your team will only have to win an aim duel against a solo enemy on site. Request A short smoke from your teammate to make sure your A execute is surefire. 

Kay/O is still relatively new to the roster so enemies are still figuring out counterplays. Since there isn’t much to do when Kay/O suppresses an area, your opponents might change their positioning and try pushing. You may require your teammates’ cover to repeat this execution safely. 

Is Kay/O a good agent in Valorant? 

Most of the newly added agents like Skye, Astra, and Yoru are still struggling to find their footing in the protocol. Conversely, Kay/O has quickly become one of the most played initiators in Valorant thanks to his simple kit that doesn’t require tons of lineups. 

The war machine is exceptionally good on smaller maps, as his molotov and blade procure small areas. However, his ultimate and flashbang make him viable on large maps like Breeze and Ascent as well. 


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