Kai’Sa joins Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.19, offers new synergies

By Melany Moncada


Sep 13, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Kai’Sa will join Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.19. The Daughter of the Void is currently available in the PBE server.

Kai’Sa will be a five gold cost Ranger and Assassin from Void origin. As a legendary unit with three possible traits, Kai’Sa will allow players to go for new combinations. The Ranger, Brawler, and Void composition might be a legitimate option with this addition.

As a Ranger and Assassin, Kai’Sa has the potential to become a hyper carry in the late game. Unlike other rangers that stay in a corner shooting, Kai’Sa will move around the map.

The announcement didn’t specify her stats but it explained that she will have a lower AD base and high base attack speed. The best course of action with Kai’Sa will be to stack attack speed items on her and capitalize on the Ranger trait. Kai’Sa can proc the Stattik Shiv faster than other units, high attack speed and damage sounds like a great answer to Nobles and their life regeneration.

A mobile unit that can shoot fast sounds scary enough, but Riot Games is giving Kai’Sa even more power by changing the Void trait. In previous versions, a player needed three Void units to get synergy going. Patch 9.19 adds a new breakpoint for Void that activates with two and four units.

Kai’Sa and Kha’Zix synergize as both Assasin and Void units, they only need a third partner to get a double trait going.

Patch 9.19 will also add the Sparring Gloves, change the Infinity Edge components, and remove the Sword of the Divine. These changes were supposed to come with Patch 9.18, which went live on September 13. Riot Games delayed the release of the new items due to a number of bugs that allowed players to abuse the items.

The next update is scheduled for September 25.


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