Junker Queen brought to life in amazing piece of Overwatch fan art

By Milo Webb


Aug 31, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Overwatch fans were recently left excited, disappointed, and impressed all at the same time.

3D artist “Chamachine” released a series of renders on Artstation of their take on the ruler of Junkertown. The renders are of such high quality, and fit so perfectly into Overwatch’s overall art style, that many mistook them for the real deal. The artist even posted a mock developer update screenshot with the character in a battle pose and the text “Introducing the Queen” beside her.

“For a moment, I thought we finally had her as a character,…now I’m mad! Haha…Great work,” one commenter said.

Chamachine is clearly a talented 3D artist, but they didn’t make the Junker Queen alone. Blizzard Senior 3D Character Artist Leslie Van den Broeck was credited for their help rendering the images in KeyShot to give them that perfect in-game appearance.

It isn’t typical for a fan to collaborate with a company’s official artist but then again, this isn’t a typical piece of fanart.

Junker Queen is a background character in Overwatch lore


The Junker Queen is the leader of the Australian bandits known as the Junkers and is mentioned in the origin stories of Roadhog and Junkrat.

In Overwatch lore, humanity surrendered part of country after the Omnic Crisis, a move that sparked a rebellion among the locals. The battles that followed leveled the region and left it uninhabitable for most. Only a handful of people stuck around, scavenging ruins to survive.

Fans are most familiar with the Junker Queen as the voice that plays over an intercom after capturing points on the Junkertown map. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has mentioned that the dev team has big plans for her, but nothing has been announced yet.

Several pieces of concept art exist, but she doesn’t currently have an in-game model. Luckily the Overwatch community now has this awesome piece of fanart to tide them over until the real Queen arrives.


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