Jake Paul’s next fight is former UFC champ Tyron Woodley

By Steven Rondina


Jun 1, 2021

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MMA fans have a new hero to pin their hopes on.

According to The Athletic’s Mike Coppinger, YouTuber Jake Paul is set to return to the ring opposite former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. This follows the two having both public and private dealings surrounding Paul’s previous boxing match with Ben Askren.

Woodley and Askren have been friends and training partners dating back to their days on the University of Missouri wrestling team where both enjoyed All-American status and won Big 12 championships. They found their way into MMA at separate times and largely in separate promotions, but both managed to win championships in major promotions. They also have trained together with the successful Roufusport gym over recent years.

Woodley served as a cornerman for Askren during his boxing match with Jake Paul in April. Ahead of the fight, Woodley and Askren were involved in a dust-up with Paul and boxer J’Leon Love who was spending time with Paul. This led to discussion regarding Woodley fighting both men.

Who is Tyron Woodley?

Tyron Woodley is a decorated collegiate wrestler and former UFC welterweight champion. He first crossed paths with Jake Paul ahead of the boxing match between Paul and Ben Askren.

Woodley is best known for his physically overwhelming fighting style, combining wrestling skills with exceptional punching power. He stands as one of the best welterweight fighters in UFC history, defending the title three times. He exited the UFC in April after four straight losses and years of bad blood with UFC president Dana White.

Will Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley?

Tyron Woodley is a much greater threat to Jake Paul than Ben Askren was. While Ben Askren was a highly skilled wrestler and mixed martial artist, his stand-up game was never threatening and all of his knockout victories came via voluminous ground-and-pound rather than clubbing punches.

As with Ben Askren, the big issue with Woodley is his advanced age and questionable physical health. Woodley was generally slow and lacked the power he had shown prior. It’s unclear whether this was a matter of lacking motivation or if he is suffering from an abundance of lingering injuries from being involved in combat sports for over 20 years.

When will Jake Paul fight Tyron Woodley?

Though Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley is reportedly booked, no date was attached to the fight and the bout has not been confirmed by any involved parties. 

How to watch Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul recently signed a multi-fight deal with Showtime, which will likely see the bout broadcast via traditional pay-per-view distributors. Expect the match to be purchasable cable and satellite providers as well as various digital streaming services.


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