Here’s what you need to know about YouTuber Jacksepticeye

Jessica Scharnagle • May 23, 21:46

Seán “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin has over 27 million subscribers on YouTube, and is gaining more by the day with his recent playthroughs of Subnautica: Below Zero and Resident Evil Village. 

Every day, Jacksepticeye has been releasing new episodes of his Subnautica: Below Zero playthrough, which has been highly anticipated by fans after the wildly successful playthrough of the original. Jacksepticeye is known for his funny and witty commentary in let’s plays, tackling a variety of games such as God of War, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Undertale.

Not only is Jacksepticeye a popular YouTuber, but he also has other business interests as well. He has a coffee company called Top of the Mornin’ Coffee, which will soon be expanding into teas, and a clothing line called Cloak which he started with Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach.

Where is Jacksepticeye from?

Early in his life Jacksepticeye lived with his parents and four siblings in Cloghan, Ireland. Since then, he’s moved to Brighton, England where he lives with his girlfriend Evelien “Gab” Smolders and his cat. Recently, he and his girlfriend moved into a new house. 

From time to time, Jacksepticeye travels to do tours which feature, skits, standup comedy and fan interactions on stage. He also attends conventions where he typically runs his own Q&A sessions. 

What does Jacksepticeye mean?

When he was younger, Jacksepticeye got hit in the eye playing football with some friends. When he was healing from the injury, he was left with an infection in the laceration, spawning the “septic eye” part of his name. In Ireland, Jack is a common nickname for Sean, so his family and friends usually called him Jack. He combined the two, and came up with the name Jacksepticeye. 

How long has Jacksepticeye been on YouTube?

Jacksepticeye is coming up on nine years of being on YouTube. In November 2019, he released a video in which he reacted to his first uploaded video.

His first video was an impression of Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake, which was uploaded on November 12, 2012. He gained massive popularity after he entered Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg’s shout out competition in 2013 and was one of the channels that won. He went from 2,000 subscribers to over 15,000 subscribers after PewDiePie’s competition, and started putting more work into his YouTube channel.

Shortly after that jump in visibility, Markiplier noticed him and they started collaborating together. They collaborated on games in Garry’s Mod and since then have worked together on a variety of projects.

Jacksepticeye’s videos routinely reel in between 2 and 4 million views, and his current series, Subnautica: Below Zero, is ongoing.


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