Ivern’s Brazilian voice actor José Carlos Guerra dies at age 75

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José Carlos Guerra, who is known in the League of Legends community as the Brazilian voice actor for Ivern, has died at age 75. 

The Brazilian voice actor died of respiratory failure after battling lung cancer. Guerra was known as one of the best voice actors in Brazil and has most notably been dubbing Commissioner Gordon in the Batman series from 1966. He is also known as the voice behind Gonzo from The Muppets and Professor Farnsworth from the Futurama TV series, according to the Brazilian news site G1

For League of Legends fans, he will always be most known for being the Brazilian voice behind Ivern, who was released for the game in October 2016. The Green Father is one of the most humble and likable champions in the game, and Guerra’s voice fits that image perfectly. 

Ivern will continue roaming around Summoner’s Rift in  memory of José Carlos Guerra. Ivern is known as the only champion in the game that can’t attack neutral monsters, which makes him the most harmless jungler in the entire game, at least as far as neutral monsters are concerned. Ivern is rarely seen played professionally but is always a fun champion to pick up in solo queue.  

Guerra isn’t the only League of Legends voice actor to pass away in 2020. Earlier this year, the Japanese voice actor behind Master Yi, Keiji Fujiwara, passed away at the age of 55. He was also battling cancer and lost the fight. 

According to G1, Guerra was buried in the Cambará Municipal Cemetery on November 4, 2020. 


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