Is the Phantom a better rifle than the Vandal in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 14, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The Vandal versus Phantom rifle debate is becoming more common as the game gets older. Stats and logic can help you pick the better weapon. 

Have you ever found yourself torn between Vandal and Phantom when choosing a rifle? Most players hover their cursors between the rifles mere seconds before buy time ends. The two primary guns are similar and may seem almost identical, which makes it a bit tricky to make the decision. This breakdown of two guns may help you make the right pick. 

Here’s how both the guns fare statistically: 

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Should you pick Vandal or Phantom in Valorant? 

During the initial days of the game’s release, players leaned towards Vandal. But as the game’s meta developed, players started to explore their options. Currently, players are divided into two sides: Vandal or Phantom. 

Your weapon pick depends heavily on your aim and play style. If you’re a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who sported the AK-47, you may find the Vandal smoother to use. The Vandal is a one-tap headshot weapon at both long and short ranges, making it an ideal pick for players who are consistent with their aim. However, the gun can be tough to handle due to its erratic spray patterns. It can be highly challenging to control a Vandal spray, and even harder to reset it if you get it wrong. 

Conversely, the Phantom is best for players who don’t like to spend hours in aim labs perfecting headshots. This primary rifle allows smooth spray and is extremely forgiving if you’re not the best aimer. It can help you get easy kills on small maps of Valorant. The spray pattern of the Phantom is also easy to execute and control, making it a viable pick for both new and older Valorant players. Tons of professional Valorant also prefer the Phantom due to its larger magazine as it allows for smooth sprays and more kills without the reload distraction.

Is the Phantom the best rifle in Valorant? 

While both weapons have their pros and cons, it’s recommended to use the Phantom in the current patch due to Valorant’s map design. Most of the maps in Valorant are small, which is why Phantom often performs better. The rifle enables you to get more kills both in high and low-skill games due to its efficiency at close range. 

The game is evolving with newer maps that may change things in the future. Breeze is an excellent example of how Valorant is changing, as this newer map is larger than other locations. You may find yourself whiffing easy shots with the Phantom on Breeze, so it’s recommended to pick the Vandal on larger locales. 

In short, both weapons are good, and their performance is connected to specific situations, styles, maps, and many other contributing factors. 32.2% of Valorant professional players, including star player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, preferred Phantom at VCT Masters 2’s initial stages. Many top European players have refused to budge from Vandal meta. The Vandal was still the second most-picked rifle, in close competition with Phantom. So keep the stats and facts in mind next time you get confused between these two powerful guns. 


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