Is I Am Legend 2 still happening? What we know in 2023

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Movie buffs looking forward to I Am Legend 2 have been left in the dark for well over a decade, so is the already-announced film even still happening?

I Am Legend was an unexpected blockbuster when it was released in 2007. Riding the apocalyptic trend of the time, the movie still has a place in the cultural consciousness thanks to its unique setting, emotional setpieces, and that one scene with the creepy mannequin. The idea of a sequel is a no-brainer, but Warner Brothers have been nearly silent about the future film after announcing it in March of 2022.

The film was first announced in early 2022 with a simple statement, lacking any kind of story information or teaser trailer. The company hasn’t revealed anything since, but a few story details and casting decisions have emerged. The biggest info is the contracting of both Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan, which was confirmed by Weed Road president of production Akiva Goldsman

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Fans originally interpreted this move as part of an effort to make a prequel since Will Smith’s character Robert Neville dies in the original film. However, the interview also reveals that the sequel will be a true follow-up that will simply ignore the death of the protagonist. This is justified by Neville surviving in the book that the film is based on, though fans are not entirely sold.

In short, I Am Legend 2 will be both a sequel and a reboot of the first film, changing major story elements to facilitate the return of Will Smith’s character. However, Michael B. Jordan will take the reigns as the film’s lead. The story will take place 20 to 30 years after the original, with Neville appropriately aged up. Aside from that, very little information has been released about the film, and fans will have to wait for the I Am Legend 2 release date to learn more.

I Am Legend 2 possible release date

Even with story information finally being revealed, the release date for I Am Legend 2 may be much later than fans expect.

While the script for the film is confirmed to be written and multiple A-list cast members have signed on, the lack of a confirmed director is the biggest hint at the movie’s release schedule. Francis Lawrence, the director of I Am Legend, has not confirmed his return, and Warner Brothers has not announced any potential replacements.

With that in mind, it’s safe to estimate a release date for I Am Legend 2 sometime in 2026 or later.