Dragonball MultiVersus

Is Goku coming to MultiVersus? Here’s what the leaks say

By Olivia Richman


Sep 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Anime fans may finally see iconic Dragon Ball protagonist Goku in MultiVersus, allowing fans to finally answer the question of whether he can beat Superman.

MultiVersus has been regularly adding new characters to its ever-growing roster of Warner Bros. superheroes, cartoon characters, and classic favorites. But the FGC wants more. Ever since the game launched, gamers have been asking if there will be any anime characters in MultiVersus and it seems like that may finally be happening.

Infamous MultiVersus leaker AisulMV has found a recently added string called “OVER 900,000” in the platform fighter’s files.

“Take that how you will,” the leaker added.

Is Goku coming to MultiVersus?

Some fans were quick to say that a Dragon Ball character was most definitely coming to MultiVersus, since the title appears to be a play on the infamous “over 9,000” quote from Vegeta. Others speculated that it was possibly a perk of some kind referencing the iconic phrase and may not be related to a new character at all. The phrase has been used in other video games in the past including World of Warcraft and Borderlands.

MultiVersus’ director Tony Huynh, however, has stated in the past that an anime character is not out of the realm of possibilities. Before the game’s open beta in July, Huynh admitted that he is “working hard” to add an anime rep to the MultiVersus roster.

Of course, it’s unclear which anime would be featured in MultiVersus and which character from the anime would be chosen. The latest leak has people leaning towards a possible Dragon Ball collaboration but nothing has officially been revealed just yet.

MultiVersus recently received an update. On September 8, the game was given major hitbox changes as well as usual balance updates.


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