Is CoreJJ or Bjergsen more deserving of LCS Summer Split MVP?

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 10, 2020

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The 2020 LCS Summer Split is going into its playoffs stage, but which player has been the most valuable throughout the split thus far?

The summer split has been hectic with a lot of surprises and many great plays being made, but two players have been extraordinarily important to their respective teams. Those two players are star mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg from Team SoloMid and former world champion Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-In from Team Liquid.

Both players have shown their skill consistency throughout the split, which has resulted in their respective teams placing at the top of the league. Team Liquid even secured themselves the first seed going into playoffs after beating Immortals in their first game of week 9.

CoreJJ has been the best playmaker in the LCS

CoreJJ has been the primary playmaker for Team Liquid, setting them up for great team fights in almost every game while also controlling the vision around Summoner’s Rift. He is currently leading the league in average vision score per game, while also having the third-best KDA among supports. CoreJJ has also shown great diversity in his champion pool. It’s not a surprise that Bard is his most played champion throughout the split, with five appearances and only one loss among them.

CoreJJ won the MVP award in the 2019 LCS Spring Split after a great split that he and Team Liquid ended up winning. CoreJJ already had a great legacy when he joined the LCS, winning the 2017 World Championship with Samsung Galaxy

Team Liquid would not have won this many games in the summer if it wasn’t for CoreJJ. His consistency is impressive and it might be enough for his second MVP award.  

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Bjergsen might take his fifth LCS MVP award

It’s not often that we get a split where Bjergsen is not considered a candidate for the MVP award. Bjergsen has once again been the deciding factor for TSM over the summer, proving that he is still a force to be reckoned with. Bjergsen has shown great leadership throughout the split and been the primary carry for TSM in most of the team’s games. 

Bjergsen extended his contract with TSM in October 2019 while also becoming a part-owner of TSM. Since then, Bjergsen has stepped up and has been the best performing player even though TSM’s spring split was lackluster. The summer split has been better for the team and it finally seems that Bjergsen has the right teammates around him. 

The Danish mid laner is currently sitting at the second-highest KDA among all mid laners, while only dying 1.4 times per game on average. His stats during the laning phase is not amazing, but his ability to deal damage in team fights is on another level compared to his peers. 

Bjergsen is the LCS player with the most MVP awards, already having four to his name. He won his first MVP award in the 2014 spring split right after he joined the organization, and a fifth award might be right around the corner. 

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Final week of LCS could be the deciding factor

The two players are without a doubt in a close race for the MVP award. Both players have shown different strengths throughout the split and it’s hard to say who has been the more valuable player between the two.

When the players last met, CoreJJ and Team Liquid managed to secure a victory after an intense game. TSM fell behind early but managed to pull themselves back through great macro and dragon control. TSM secured the Ocean Soul, which should usually be enough to win the game, but Team Liquid punished them in a fight that ended the game. CoreJJ finished the game with a 100% kill participation, and in doing so may have taken the lead in the MVP race. 


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