Is Apex Legends fixed yet? Progress reset explained

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 3, 2024

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Apex Legends’ Shadow Society was expected to bring in a new rank split, but instead, the update messed up the game to the point where Respawn had to take the game offline. Is Apex Legends fixed yet?

Apex Legends progress reset explained

On March 26, Respawn added brand-new content alongside a rank split for Apex Legends. However, less than a day later, the player complained about a progress reset in Apex Legends. Initially, it was presumed to be a bug, but dozens of players noticed their level progress was gone. 

While some players lost a chunk of level progress, others were down to zero. Not just that, their skins, battle passes, and other cosmetics also vanished into thin years.

Thankfully, Respawn was quick to respond and rectify the situation, at least for those who were logging in. However, for players who were actively playing when the update hit, the frustration continued as they were left with lost badges and challenges progress. 

In order to restore progress, Respawn took Apex Legends down. 

Are Apex Legends servers down?

Apex Legends Season 19

No, Apex Legends is no longer offline. The developer took down the game to fix the progress reset issue in Apex Legends. The game should run as usual now. 

“Thank you for your patience! We have deployed a fix and the servers are back online! As a result of this evening’s rollback, we’re working to restore progress made throughout the course of yesterday,” the developer announced

Apex Legends has resolved the bug, and servers are back online. Lost cosmetics and progress will be restored, according to Respawn. However, some players have still not received some of the lost content and progress. Rest assured, the developer is eventually recovering the lost progress. 

As a result, the ranked split has now been delayed to an unknown date. Meanwhile, players are asking to be compensated for the trouble caused. 


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