Is Alan Wake 2 being released in 2023? Everything we know about the horror game

By Olivia Richman


Jan 13, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

A brand new spooky survival game is coming in 2023 in the form of Alan Wake 2.

If you don’t remember the first Alan Wake video game, we wouldn’t blame you. Inspired by a thriller television series, Alan Wake was an action game developed by Remedy Entertainment that gained a cult following when it came out in 2010 — but it never really took off.

Alan Wake followed the story of a best-selling thriller writer, Alan Wake, trying to find his wife. She went missing while on vacation in a small town in Washington. What’s extra strange, however, is that everything he experiences is from the plot of his latest novel, which he can’t remember writing. The six-episode game has been re-released on all major platforms.

Alan Wake 2 teaser trailer reveals first look at new game

In 2021, a teaser trailer was revealed during The Game Awards. The eerie trailer simply showed Alan Wake wandering an empty, dark, and rainy town and then coming face-to-face with something horrifying that the audience couldn’t see.

“We all come to a story with hopes and expectations, looking for an answer,” the narration said. “Sometimes it would be better to live with that hope without ever finding the story. This is not the story you want it to be. This story will eat you alive. This story is about a monster. And monsters wear many faces.”

The last line was followed by a jump scare with a disturbing face.

Since then, nothing has come out about Alan Wake 2. But this trailer was enough to leave fans wanting more. Many wrote in the comments that the first Alan Wake game inspired them to become writers and expressed a deep sense of nostalgia at the idea of playing the sequel.

Alan wake 2 release date

The teaser trailer also gave fans a very exciting update. The last second of the trailer stated that the game was coming out in 2023. Unfortunately, no exact release date has been announced just yet.

In October of 2022, Remedy reiterated that the studio was still planning a 2023 release date. While delays are common in the gaming industry, this year is still the goal.

According to creative director Sam Lake, development is currently going as planned. The team is “deep in production,” and the game is largely playable. Unfortunately, Remedy has nothing to show fans just yet, however.

What platforms will Alan Wake 2 be for?

The teaser trailer also gave some insight into where gamers can expect to play Alan Wake 2. The logos for the following systems were shown:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Epic Games Store (PC)

While Alan Wake was on Nintendo Switch, that currently is not confirmed for the sequel. It also seems like PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players will be out of luck.

Alan Wake 2 story and gameplay

Not much is known about Alan Wake 2’s contents thus far. Based on the trailer, it appears that Alan Wake is back and is still writing. The narration eludes to another story unfolding along with a psychological threat of some sort. The mention of a “monster” seems more metaphorical, but it’s currently a mystery.

In an Alan Wake anniversary update video, Remedy said that Alan Wake 2 would dive deeper into the title character.

“In this game it’s like you’re really seeing who Alan Wake is,” voice actor  Matthew Porretta said. “You’re getting an idea of who he is personally. So you’re getting more emotion from him.”

When it comes to gameplay, fans are expecting a lot of original mechanics to come back to Alan Wake 2. This means controlling Alan Wake in the third person, avoiding creepy enemies by staying in well-lit areas, and managing a flashlight’s battery.

Remedy has stated in the past that Alan Wake 2 is going to be the scariest game the studio ever made. Fans should definitely be anticipating tension and terror. Remedy also told IGN that this would be its most “beautiful” game.

“We feel that especially for this kind of experience where atmosphere and stylization are more important than ever before, is that we know Northlight so well we can focus on certain things and push certain things forward,” the studio said.