How watching LoL Esports rewards viewers in summer 2021

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As League of Legends’ competitive summer split of 2021 is starting up in all regions across the world, fans are able to earn sweet rewards from watching the official streams. Here’s how to get them. 

Just as in the last split, it will be possible to earn watch rewards on LoL Esports. The rewards will unlock in-game items when completed and provide an extra bonus when watching games from some of the best leagues in the world such as the LEC, LCK, LPL, and LCS. Getting these rewards is fairly simple and only requires that viewers lean back and enjoy the show. 

The rewards will be given out through a total of five missions, which gradually provide better rewards. There will also be watch drops that will happen when certain things occur within the game. This can be whenever a player scores a pentakill, steals a Baron, or through other special objectives being met. These drops will be active throughout the LEC and LCS streams. 

How to get LoL Esports 2021 summer watch rewards

Watch rewards for the summer split are distributed through the League of Legends client and the LoL Esports website. The five missions for this split will be very simple and similar to previous splits. The first mission will complete after watching just a single game, followed up by missions that take a bit more effort. 

Here are the LoL Esports watch missions. 

  • Tier 1: Watch one game from the current split on LoL Esports
  • Tier 2: Watch four games from the current split on LoL Esports (5 total)
  • Tier 3: Watch seven games from the current split on LoL Esports (12 total)
  • Tier 4: Watch nine games from the current split on LoL Esports (21 total)
  • Tier 5: Watch 10 games from the current split on LoL Esports (31 total)

By watching 31 games, any viewer can complete all missions for this split. The rewards given out will include special icons, blue essence, and chests with keys. 

How to earn LoL watch rewards

To earn LoL watch rewards, the viewer must watch qualifying League of Legends pro matches through the LoL Esports website with a League of Legends account connected to the site. Once logged in, it’s just a matter of watching the live broadcasts. Watch rewards can also be earned through watching VODs, which means that the missions can be completed at any time of the week, not just when games are live. The live streams can be found on the frontpage, while all navigating over to the “VODS” section will allow viewers to pick between any replay from the official leagues. 


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