How Twitch has shaped the gaming ecosystem

By William Davis


Jun 26, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Anyone interested in gaming is likely to have to deal with Twitch at some point. The streaming platform has risen like a leviathan to become one of the biggest elements of the industry, and its impact has been phenomenal. Having been around for a decade, there is no denying that it has changed the online gaming ecosystem quite significantly.

A new way to enjoy content

One of the primary reasons why Twitch has grown to this extent is that it was and is a new way for an audience to check out some of their favorite games, from fun simulations to popular esports platforms. Prior to Twitch, the main platforms for online gaming content was YouTube. In addition to content made by the game developers themselves, one of the primary ways to enjoy games was through “Let’s Play” videos.

These involved the content creator playing a game and then editing their footage and uploading it to YouTube for the audience to watch. They could have a humorous take on things, or be more serious, or they could be undertaking some sort of challenge.

Twitch allowed the Let’s Play community to take things to the next level as they allowed players to livestream their play attempts with a live audience that can respond through a chat function. Many YouTube gamers now use their channels on that platform to create highlights of their live streams, so the audience who missed it would still be able to catch up.

A gaming bonanza

Part of the appeal for many when it comes to Twitch is the wide variety of games on offer. You could for example tune into a stream to find out the best online slot tips, or you could swing by the stream of a pro esports player preparing for a tournament.

No matter what your personal preference is in games, Twitch is able to deliver content tailored to your interests. There will always be someone streaming, regardless of the time of day, which  means that Twitch is a platform that is able to deliver interesting and diverse content 24/7, 365 days per year. Some Twitch streamers build their audience by playing one game such as Roblox or Fortnight, while others dabble in a bit of everything. It is a flexible system that allows everyone to pick what they choose based on their own personal preferences.

Community support

Twitch also allows a real sense of community to blossom among creators and audience members. Some streamers pride themselves on having a chaotic chat with participants egging them on.

Twitch also developed a rewards system through which members of an audience can subscribe to show their support to the streamers’ channel in return for benefits. This created another potential income stream for online gamers, and is a system we have now seen move across to other platforms including YouTube.

Twitch has most definitely transformed the way that we game online, and it will no doubt continue to make changes in the future. From the developers working behind the scenes to make the platform the best it can be, to the many creators and viewers who have made it into the diverse scene it is today, there is no denying that Twitch is a huge platform that has really helped to shape the modern gaming community.