How to train the best Emboar for raids and PvP in Pokemon GO

Kenneth Williams • July 15, 2021 5:12 am

Thanks to its new move from the latest Community Day, Emboar has become a solid pick for taking on gym battles and raids in Pokemon GO.

July 3’s Community Day celebration gave every player a chance to nab Tepig and Pignite as well as stock up on evolution materials. Emboar can contribute a lot more to a Pokemon GO team than just filling out the Pokedex. By leaning into either fire or fighting, Emboar can serve as a solid gym attacker or defender and a great choice for raids against normal-type Pokemon like Regigigas.

Best movesets for Emboar and Pignite in Pokemon GO

The ideal loadout for your Emboar varies depending on what you want to do with it. For attacking gyms, it’s important to pick moves with fast animations. Ember is the ideal choice, as it quickly builds enough energy to release a charge move like Blast Burn. 

The Community Day exclusive Blast Burn Emboar is the ideal choice for a Fire moveset. Blast Burn can also be learned through an Elite TM if you have one from previous Fire Pokemon events. Blast Burn offers a solid 2.20 damage per energy with a same-type attack bonus. The Community Day move has greatly improved Emboar’s viability.

For defending gyms, an Emboar could provide some unexpected type coverage. Low Kick still benefits from STAB thanks to Emboar’s dual typing. For a charge move, Blast Burn still reigns supreme. If you don’t have access to a Community Day Emboar build, Rock Slide has an excellent animation and great type coverage.

Emboar and Pignite also make for solid options in PVP with those move sets. Depending on which league the player wants to compete in, Pignite and Emboar both have strong move sets and can cover a lot of different holes for teams. 

Is Emboar good for raids in Pokemon GO?

There are loads of strong fire-type Pokemon, so Emboar isn’t a top-tier choice for most raids. Pignite’s fighting typing makes the Pokemon perfect against normal-type opponents. Regigigas is one of Pokemon GO’s toughest raid bosses due to its normal typing. Fighting is Regigigas’ only weakness and Emboar can take advantage of that.

By reworking his moveset, Emboar becomes one of the best Pokemon for Regigigas raids. Low Kick and Focus Blast is the best Emboar moveset for Regigigas raids. He might not deal quite as much raw damage as more common options like Blaziken, but Emboar’s 242 Stamina will let you dish out more STAB Focus Blasts to make up the difference.


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