How to start an esports career in CSGO while studying at university

By William Davis


Oct 28, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Gaming has evolved over the years to provide interested individuals with many opportunities. Esports is chief among them, giving interested gamers the opportunity to compete as a career.

Balancing schoolwork with building an esports career can be difficult, and is best accomplished with an established set of guidelines. These steps can help on this path.

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Register as an esports participant

Registering for events and tournaments can help to motivate you to practice and better your playing abilities, which will be key in establishing a successful career in the industry. Many such activities can be accessed at universities around the world today.

Go through your institution’s website or engage in social events at school to discover esports teams available. Inquire about their contact information and reach out while not studying. Take the initiative to attend every meeting your team hosts to help you learn and understand the dynamics of the game.

Build your esports career through not only the team but also by registering for an esports course if one is available. Having both boosts your chances of having hands-on skills as well as the knowledge of the game you’ll need.

Going pro in esports means spending a lot of time training, and that can make studying difficult. Many seek external assistance. There are dissertation services provided by EduBirdie, where professional writers can help you with your dissertation.

Involve yourself in team activities

Teams expose you to a sea of creativity from various members to help improve your play and tactics. It motivates you to become a better player when learning from the many experiences of other team members.

You have to start with your level of experience. There are different categories of competition to suit various skill sets, making it more beginner-friendly. The best way to improve is by competing with those of similar skill levels while learning from those who are better and more experienced.

Connect with new contacts while playing and reach out to them. You never know if they are your next job connection in your esports career. Do your best in every tournament.

If you are studying at a Canadian university and your esports team also operates in that region, you can use the Canadian EduBirdie dissertation service, where native Canadian writers will help you and your friends to finish your dissertation in time. And with it, you can easily pursue your esports playing dreams.

Take part in competitions

Participating in esports competitions opens doors in your career by helping you grow.

You become innovative and adopt creative skills and ideas to ensure you understand the game.  Esports and academic performance are similar in their potential for helping you to build your knowledge and experience.

Each tournament engages various universities giving you a chance to gain new contacts. The competitions begin from the basic level to the more advanced where you have to outdo competitors to win a league. It is easier to become a legend in CSGO or other popular titles when you have already participated in many competitions and have that experience under your belt.

Growing your esports career also requires you to volunteer when not participating in a game. Offer technical support while running competitions to ensure the success of the game. It builds your CV and gives you high chances to find favor among employers in the future.

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Analyze tournaments

Being in the game requires you to understand it and evolve each time it becomes dynamic. CSGO today is not the same as that of tomorrow. It is then crucial to start analyzing the game dynamics.

Use your analytical knowledge gained by studying to help in understanding these tournaments. Dig deep into the technical aspect of the game and discover areas to improve on. Study the tactics used by your opponents and team up with your members to collect ideas on ways to counter them.

Put most of your focus and energy on your points of weakness and come up with ways to better yourself. It helps you have an easy time making in-game decisions in your niche to help in becoming a champion during tournaments

Search for esports jobs where you have a chance to engage in competitions and discover the trends of the game.


You have the opportunity to build a career in esports while also fulfilling your responsibilities at university. Take the time needed to learn more about the game you want to play, such as CSGO, and accompany this time with appropriate attention to your studies. It may take a while to understand this balance, but with the right tools, you can do it.


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