How to save videos in Content Warning

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 12, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Did your videos do well on SpookTube? It’s worth publishing them in the real world and taking a shot at going viral. But for that, you need to save videos in Content Warning. 

In Content Warning, players are tasked to shoot spooky clips in the Old World and post those on SpookTube, an in-game video platform. These clips generate revenue and help you get fame in the virtual world. However, shooting these takes time and effort, so why not squeeze full juice out of them? You may save these videos to your computer, share them with friends, and even post them on YouTube. 

Here’s how.

Here’s how to save videos in Content Warning 

Content Warning saved videos

After surviving in the Old World:

  1. Return to the house, put the camera in the extractor, and wait for the device to complete the extraction process
  2. Get a CD and insert it into the TV on the house’s first floor. Once the video finishes playing, a new menu will appear on the TV, asking you to close the video, replay the clip, or “save the video to the desktop”
  3. Click on “save the video to the desktop”

This method should work smoothly, but you could also save the videos by hitting F3 during an ongoing match. This will save the current video and expand the Content Warning saved videos folder as well. It’s worth noting that videos saved using this method get deleted automatically when you begin a new match. You need to move them to a different folder to save them permanently. 

Content Warning saved videos location 

If you manually saved the videos by watching them on SpookTube, you might wonder where the saved videos go in Content Warning. Here’s the default Content Warning saved videos location:  C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\rec

You should find all the saved Content here, ready to be shared on YouTube. Of course, you can always add some dramatic music and commentary to spice up the spooky videos. 


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